5 Creative Ways To Sell Your Story

5 Creative Ways To Sell Your Story


Branding is nothing more than storytelling. If you can tell a good story, then you can
definitely brand a product or a company. In order to get the today’s customer to pay
attention to you, you have to tell them a compelling story. There is too much competition
Every brand is different, so every story will be different. However, there are some best
practices that you can use to create a compelling back story for your brand. Here are
some of the things that you need to keep in mind.
First, make sure that your story relates to your audience.
You need to understand who your audience is before you begin telling your story. You
can tell the same story in many different ways depending on who you are telling it to.
The first way to sell your story is to do research on your target market so that you will
know how they want that story presented. You should know their demographics and
psychographics so that you will know who they are and why they do certain things.
Second, sell your story using the voice of relatable characters.


Once you have created a buyer's profile for your audience, you should have a character
within your business who relates to that buyer's profile. One of the easiest ways to sell
your story is to make sure that it is coming from the right person, character or mascot.
This is why Nike uses athletes and Geico uses a salamander – the story that they tell
sounds best (and matches the company’s tone) coming from those characters.
You may have to put your story in the voice of many different characters before you
figure out the one that is most appropriate for your audience. Look to the example of
companies who are doing good things in your industry to see exactly what types of
characters relate best with the audience that you are trying to market to.
Third, use different formats to sell your story.
There are many different kinds of ways to communicate with your audience. You can
use video, podcast, images, text, podcasts, or a mix of all of the above. You can also
tell the story in different ways depending on the medium that you are using to
communicate with your audience.


You may have to tell your story a few different ways before connects with your
audience. Most audiences today need to hear a story more than one time before they
actually remember what is going on with the brand. There is a great deal of noise in the
world of advertising, especially in the digital realm. Do not be afraid to tell your story
over and over in different formats in order to cut through all of the competition.

Fourth, tell your story in parts.
Creating a relationship with an audience is kind of like dating. You want to know
everything about your partner, but not all at one time. It is much better if that partner
maintains a sense of mystery and tells you everything little by little. This is the same
format that you should follow when you are trying to tell story to your audience.
No one is going to pay attention long enough for you to explain the entire history of your
company and your current operations all at once. For example, if you are engaged in an
email campaign, then you should split that email campaign into parts. Not only do you
have your reader's undivided attention during each part, but you can also extend the
engagement by splitting up the stories.
Fifth, tell your story in a more entertaining way.
There is nothing worse than a storyteller who does not understand the importance of
entertaining an audience during the story. You need to ramp up the entertainment value
in your storytelling by adding different elements that may not have anything to do with
the story. As you are splitting the story up into parts, you can sandwich the information
between other marketing vehicles. One of the best examples of how to do this is
creating a podcast that starts off with relevant information, invokes the company brand
into a recent headline, and then goes right back into adding value on the other side.
The above techniques are only a few of the ways in which you can start branding your
products and services through storytelling. You should always look for new techniques
based around new technologies and new processes that companies will find as they
begin to engage with your audience. In order to stay on the cutting edge, you will need
to innovate beyond your competition. Otherwise, you risk losing the audience that you
have built through your previous work. You want to finish the story, so stay in touch with
your audience as closely as possible.


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