5 examples of brilliant Instagram brand videos

5 examples of brilliant Instagram brand videos

5 examples of brilliant Instagram brand videos

The fast rise of Instagram as an advertising tool has been driven by one main trend in consumer behaviors: the shift from text based communications to visual based communications. Video and images can say infinitely more than masses of text ever could. When looking at the most effective advertising on Instagram it’s clear that the key is to embrace the time limit and form, rather than fight it. Don’t simply recut a television commercial, tailor your videos to it. 70 million photos are uploaded via mobile every day, generating 2.5bn likes. This is a phenomenal amount of engagement and proves that Instagram users are an ever-connected bunch hungry for new images, found through a small number of discovery tools.


Here is a selection of the some recent, unique ways that brands have used Instagram.


Reebok are certainly a brand to experiment with the medium. Their focus is on brand ethos and appealing to sports-enthusiasts, the most likely group to follow their account. Instead of flooding their followers with advertising they show them videos of everyday strength and determination.




Oreo have decided to use a new form called cinemagraphs, a new combination of a still image with moving elements, similar to a GIF. They can be very eyecatching and show interesting elements of a product. These have been used by a number of brands recently, but Oreo are one of the companies using it best, take for example the below showing a seductive swirling chocolate drink. Enough to make you want an Oreo.





GoPro are a prominent user of Instagram. More often than not they are user submitted videos of stunts using their camera, but this one is different. When they introduced a timelapse feature on the camera, what better way to promote this than a video. The hot air balloons flooding the sky is enough to get a like, the personal story in the bio adds another element of personality to the film. Connecting with your customers using this social media is a great way to get attention.






Jamie Oliver is a brand, there’s no denying that. With the recent rise in cooking tips videos such as Tasty, more and more people are enjoying these videos. Jamie is getting in on the action with his own brand of personal recipe videos. The short snappy format allows for quick attention grabbing videos that are quickly shared. This kind of video extends away from food as well, audiences value tips and advise so providing it through this format can really help push your brand to the next level.




In a more traditional way, M&S have been using the format to tie in with other advertising. Now famous for their delicious food TV adverts, the short video format of Instagram and wide values of good visuals compliment their brand well. Although the content is important, making sure it looks beautiful is a critical part of Instagram. Where Twitter can be a mass of short shouting comments, Instagram is more polished, considered. This is certainly one of the most delicious looking ad’s in a long time, but not just because of the food, it’s the colours, textures and photography.





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