The 5 P’s of Creating an #OnlineVideo


Back in the days when papyrus was in use, poets and storytellers used rhymes to help them recall long stories. Nowadays, rhyming and other literally devices still help people remember things. What does that have to do with this blog post? Not much, other than explaining why people love to do things like the 5 P’s of Online video. It’s because it helps people remember!



Now that we’re here, what are the 5 P’s?

video-production-10771. Product – Every smart product carries with it an unique value proposition. Our process begins by understanding your demographic and identifying the best avenue to emotionally connect with them.

2. Production refers to the creation of your video. For one, who’s going to create it? Do you have an in-house team or are you looking for a video production house like The War Room who specializes in this field? From there, you need to decide what the purpose of your video is. Are you looking to marketing a product or idea? Who are your demographics? How professional would you like the tone of this video and what type are you looking at? Short 30 second ads? Or perhaps a longer informational video.

3. Packaging – This is perhaps more a side note than a complete relevant point. However, it is always good to be well aware of the video format you are using. For example, things like codec, bitrate and container. Another thing to think about packaging is how well are you delivering it across laptop, smartpads, and smart phones.

4. Publishing & Promotion – The publishing aspect refers to where it is going to go? And how. Are you going to post this on social media channels such as Facebook & Twitter? Will you be hosting it on Youtube or Vimeo? Of course, there are always other means such as turning it into a paid-advertisement.

Once all is up though, how are you going to ensure that your content is being discovered and viewed by the public? There are options available like market targeting and certain video SEO methods you can implement. Whatever you choose though, make sure you have a strategy or else you will have all gold no glory.

5. Profit – And when you’ve finished all the steps, it’s time to sit back and watch the fruits of your labour reap. Of course, many times the ‘profit’ might not come in the forms of monetary gains. If you’re looking to instruct people on things, or build brand awareness, ensure that you have some sort of metrics or measurement where you can gauge the success of your project. Other wise, you will be left wondering if what you’ve done is worth it or not and how to proceed.

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