5 Reasons Why Twitter Video Will Win

5 Reasons Why Twitter Video Will Win


I woke up this morning and in my inbox was an email from Twitter with the subject line:

Make a scene with video on Twitter.

It looks like Twitter has completed a seamless integration of Vine into the original Twitter interface, and it’s mind numbingly easy.

The iPhone tutorial makes it easy to Try it Out

So Why do I think Twitter Video will be so big? Here are 5 reasons:

1. I’ve been playing with Snapchat video for a little while now and communicating in short Snap videos with my friends is super easy. Twitter video feels even easier. Also, right now on Snapchat there’s a whole new group of influencers like @CarlosGil83 year old doing some sort of cross over between #vlogging on @Snapchat and @YouTube. I’d argue that this will really take off on a platform like Twitter.


2. Early Adopters are already flocking back to their Twitter feeds to learn how to use and test out the newly released feature. In just the last week or so, Gary Vaynerchuk has sent out dozens of @ replies as video messages. Gary knows his stuff and I’ll bet you that he’s gonna push hard on twitter video.

3. Content Marketing is going gangbusters right now and short-form video is an easy and efficient way for marketers to get their messages out fast. I can see brands figuring out some very innovate ways of incorporating Twitter video.

4. All of the big social networks have launched native video functionality. Obviously YouTube as the big behmoth, video is the core of their platform, but in the last year, Instagram introduced 15-second videos, Facebook introduced and watched their native video functionaliy explode with the Icebucket Challenge as one of the biggest drivers of that new feature. We know that Twitter bought Vine back in 2012 when it was still being called “the Instagram of video”. Twitter’s biggest competitive advantage against all of the big guys is distribution. Both speed and breadth of distribution. Tweets are known to travel globally very quickly. Now with video attached,Video Tweets can move at the speed of Twitter.

5. Your Mom isn’t using Twitter video. Yes, that’s right. Want to know why Facebook’s appeal is declining? It’s because your Mom is on Facebook. Because your Dad liked your last 15 photos. My mom isn’t on Twitter, she isn’t seeing my un-showered, scruffy-face, because-I-don’t-have any hot water at my house video…but it’s okay, right?

As Earl puts it- What is the world gonna come up with next now that we have #TwitterVideo? Who knows, but it here it comes…

Alright, now go make your first Twitter video and let me see it- tag me on Twitter @MikeToner.


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