5 Reasons Your Website Needs an Animated Video

5 Reasons Your Website Needs an Animated Video

Animated video crowds the web in the form of corporate overviews, promotional content, and explainer videos. All the cool kids are doing it, so what’s the big deal about? Read on below to find out why animated video content is a powerful online promotion tool, and why you need it on your website.

It’s Symbols-Oriented

Symbolism is a powerful asset to companies that use it properly. The simple Apple symbol conjures a complex idea of innovation, technological aesthetic, and ergonomics. The universal symbol for wifi goes far beyond simply marking a hotspot these days. It conjures an idea of connectedness, and access to an infinite banquet of information. Many simple animated videos employ symbols to reinforce the content of the voice-over or kinetic text. This capitalises on the psychological power of symbolism to engage and influence viewers.

It Doesn’t Expire

Live-action video technology is quickly evolving. Thus, it is not uncommon for marketers to find that their live-action video content needs regular maintenance, as advancements in recording quality that make the video appear dated. This effect is minimised with animated videos. Technological advances may open doors for new opportunities, but do not necessarily cause obsolescence of existing content. Savvy marketers can capitalise on this nature to create website content that is virtually timeless.

It’s Scalable

If you find that you really like the style of animation that your animator developed for your first video, it is easy to scale this content up by simply following a similar template and style for any subsequent content. This saves you development time and expense (see #5). With this scalability, it is easy to populate your website quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

It’s Simple

Simplicity, like symbols, is an under-leveraged marketing asset. Animated video allows you to have a clear focus, and include all audio, information, and content that you want to use to support your message without any risk of distraction. Thus, animated content is inherently optimised to engage your audience and convey your message clearly and directly.

It’s Inexpensive

Ultimately, animations are a low-expense marketing content asset. This makes them appealing to both cash-strapped startup marketers and marketers at large corporations who simply would like to get the best bang for their buck on video content. You can often secure a high-quality animated video that will enhance your company’s webpage and engage your viewer for under $10k.

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