5 Things To A Good Promotional Video

A good promotional video is a really effective way to market your business and build up your brand. People spend a lot of time on their smartphones and tablets these days and a good video can really catch their attention much better than some conventional marketing methods.

Video productionHere are five key things to a good promotional video.

1. Know Your Market

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you know the target audience for your video. This is essential because it will allow you to better develop the storyline for your video and make sure that the people you are trying to reach out to can relate to the message.

So make sure you clearly keep the audience in your mind as you progress with your video.

2. Keep It Short

The key to a great promotional video lies in the length of the film. You need to make sure you don’t make a fifteen-minute video because people don’t normally want to spend this much time watching a pure promotional video. Anything from two to five minutes is a good amount of time.

3. Make It Interesting

You also need to make sure people will find it interesting. Your promotional video, even if you keep it short, cannot be just a pure sales pitch because people don’t want to focus on just someone talking why their company is good.

You need to keep people interested in the video and be creative in the way you tell about your message. There are a lot of good promotional videos online that you should check out and get inspiration from to your own video.

4. Test It Out

Before you start producing the video and launch it into the world it is important to test both the concept of the video as well as the end product. You can ask friends or family give their opinion about the video and see if they have any suggestions to make.

Goa Animate points out that when you spend a lot of time creating the concept and are involved with it so closely you might not be able to view it critically anymore. Thus an honest opinion from other people can help you save money and guarantee your video is a hit.

5. Use A Good Company To Produce It

Of course even a great idea needs to be executed well in order for it to be a success. Therofore it is really important that you don’t just come up with a great idea and then produce it all in a rush. Look around for London video production companies and make sure you find a great company to work with. One option is to contact Corporate Videojug as they have a long experience in producing quality promotional videos.

When you are discussing with your ideas with the production team keep in mind that you also need to be realistic in your plans. This means that you need to consider your own budget and the technical problems that might limit your vision.

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Mark is into making videos and is always looking up new ideas and ways to make film clips interesting. He is also constantly looking TV-ads with a critical eye, which always annoys his children. He is a big fan of action movies and wants to go to Hollywood one day.


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