5 Tips to Deliver a Killer Video Marketing Experience

5 Tips to Deliver a Killer Video Marketing Experience

By Andrew Snyder

Video viewing habits are changing—and mobile is bigger than ever. People want to watch video across connected desktop, TV and mobile devices. Marketers need to adapt to this behavior and understand how to be part of these daily viewing habits. It’s about delivering the right video marketing experience and your brand’s message wherever your audience chooses to watch.Here are 5 key strategies to help brands succeed with video marketing:

1. Reach “light” TV viewers. TV continues to be a powerful platform for brands to reach and influence their audiences, but consider this: light TV viewers are also a high-value audience and opportunity for brands. Digital video across desktop, mobile and tablet devices is the best way to be in front of these viewers, who are often millenials.

2. When it comes to video, be platform agnostic. Consumers are already watching video across devices, and your advertising should be designed to meet them across screens. With emerging tools, advertisers can even plan, buy, and measure digital video as if it were TV.

3. Enrich your audience targeting. Targeting broad age and gender segments can help brands maximize reach, but digital video is capable of so much more. With insights from consumers’ registration, search behavior, interests, and even favorite TV programs, brands can sharpen their targeting—and constantly refine it to boost performance.

4. It’s not just about video. Our research shows that combining video with even one other channel—display, search or native for example—can increase the overall impact. Brands are beginning to shift their thinking and understand what it means to measure the full impact of their digital advertising.

5. Focus on quality. Consumers have high expectations for digital video, and advertisers have to think about how to associate their brands with the best content available.
Andrew Snyder is vice president of video sales at Yahoo.


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