50 most-watched YouTube music videos: 30-21

50 most-watched YouTube music videos: 30-21

As part of a five-part series, Guides is counting down the 50 most-watched YouTube videos


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Over the last 10 years, YouTube has changed the way we absorb information
Published: 13:24 April 24, 2015

YouTube is celebrating its tenth birthday this weekend. Created by three former PayPal colleagues, YouTube has become more than just a social website. It has created celebrities, humiliated public figures, reminded us of 1980’s TV intros, been used as a means of propaganda, and, inevitably, it has been a potent tool of war.

But through all this, it seems that YouTube has been used primarily to watch music videos. As part of a five-part series, we here at Guides have listed the 50 most-watched music videos over the last 10 years.

Part 3 30-21

(Views as of April 23, 2015)

WARNING: Some clips may contain adult language

30. Let Her Go, Passenger

Uploaded July 25, 2012 Views 603,129,318

29. Wake Me Up, Avicii

Uploaded July 29, 2013 Views 609,157,328

28. Not Afraid, Eminem

Uploaded June 4, 2010 Views 613,125,960

27. Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Uploaded November 23, 2009 Views 621,143,957

26. Ai Se Eu Te Pego, Michel Telo

Uploaded July 25, 2011 Views 626,941,015

25. What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction

Uploaded August 19, 2011 Views 629,541,254

24. Somebody That I Used To Know, Gotye

Uploaded July 5, 2011 Views 630,414,987

23. Happy, Pharrell Williams

Uploaded November 21, 2013 Views 635,937,467

22. Rolling In The Deep, Adele

Uploaded November 30, 2010 Views 639,506,841

21. The Lazy Song, Bruno Mars

Uploaded April 15, 2011 Views 653,548,074


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