50+ Must-See Video Marketing Statistics for 2017

50+ Must-See Video Marketing Statistics for 2017

In the past 30 days, more online video content has been uploaded to the web than the past 30 years of TV content.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Business owners stand on a pivotal point in video marketing, where web-based content is view more frequently and at a higher volume than TV-based content. This marks a huge paradigm shift for marketers who have been used to the forced audience captivation of commercials. Not only does web-based video require a completely different strategy and a completely different production and publication process, it also needs to be quick.

No longer can you spend 6 months fine-tuning a video campaign–well, you can, but while you’re painstakingly editing footage your competitor has already hosted 10 live videos, completed three social video marketing campaign cycles, and risen customer retention by 25 percent.  

Below, I’ve compiled 50+ of the most pressing and informative video marketing statistics as well as takeaways you can apply to your own video marketing strategy. I’ve broken them down by:

  • Consumers and their relationship with online video
  • Video marketing trends
  • Video viewership statistics
  • Social video statistics
  • Live video statistics

I hope you walk away with some fresh ideas for your video marketing campaigns, and remember, if you need video marketing services, we have one of the best teams on the East Coast. Contact us here!

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Consumers and their Relationship with Video

  1. Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store (ThinkWithGoogle)
  2. 80% of consumers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases
  3. Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers (DMB Adobe)
  4. Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds (Animoto)
  5. People spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without (Wistia)
  6. 55% of people consume videos thoroughly — the highest amount all types of content (HubSpot, 2016)
  7. More than 50% of videos are watched on mobile (Ooyala, 2016)
  8. Half of 18- to 34-year old YouTube subscribers would drop what they’re doing to watch a new video by their favorite creator (Google, 2016)
  9. 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers in the future (HubSpot, 2016)
  10. 6 in 10 YouTube subscribers would follow advice on what to buy from their favorite creator over their favorite TV or movie personality (Google, 2017)


How-to videos under 60 seconds and optimized for mobile are your best friend. Because consumers prefer short videos, they are more likely to watch yours if they know you provide quick, succinct details. It’s not difficult to star in a how-to video. Set up a camera (phone camera will do) and walk through something your company does, whether that’s HVAC repairs, arts and crafts, or a simple recipe from your restaurant. Unless it’s an advanced how-to video, simplify it enough that a 5-year-old could understand.

Video Marketing Statistics

  1. By 2019, video will account for 80% of global internet traffic, and 85% in the US (Cisco)
  2. Two-thirds of marketers and agency executives see video as the next trend in content marketing (iab)
  3. 52% of marketers believe that video is effective for brand awareness
  4. 82% of of B2C businesses report that video has become their most popular content marketing tactic (Content Marketing Institute)
  5. 43% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget (Buffer)
  6. 48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year (HubSpot)
  7. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (VidYard)
  8. 44% of SMB owners and marketers plan to spend money to promote their video content on Facebook in 2017 (Animoto)
  9. Companies which use videos in their marketing grow revenue 49% faster year-on-year than those which don’t (Aberdeen Group, 2015)
  10. 73% of B2B marketers say that video positively impacts marketing ROI
  11. Companies which use videos in their marketing enjoy 27% higher CTR and 34% higher web conversion rates than those which don’t


The biggest obstacle for marketers to add video marketing is getting started. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to produce a video anymore–the best live videos are completely unscripted and shot with camera phones. (Check out this list of great video editing tools for small businesses by Buffer.) Once you’ve started using video, start tracking movement on your website. Do pages with video have a higher conversion rate? Once you can tie services and products to types of video success, you can most definitely increase your bottom line.

Viewership Statistics

  1. 65% of video viewers watch more than ¾ of a video (Syndacast)
  2.  55% of people watch videos online every day (MWP)
  3. YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the internet (YouTube)
  4. There are an estimated 400 hours of new videos uploaded to YouTube every minute (Youtube)
  5. As of March 2015, creators filming in YouTube Spaces have produced over 10,000 videos which have generated over 1 billion views and 70+ million hours of watch time (Youtube)
  6. Among millennials, YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watch across devices (ThinkWithGoogle)
  7. Searches related to “how to” on YouTube grew 70% from 2014 to 2015 (Google, 2015)
  8. Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement (Wistia, 2016)

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The biggest takeaway here is that it pays to advertise on Youtube. It has a HUGE audience, and more and more consumers are using it to guide their purchasing decision. There are a few different types of YouTube ads, so make sure you familiarize yourself with them or hire a PPC specialist to help.

Social Video Statistics


It’s no secret that I’m OBSESSED with social media marketing, but social video marketing is really where the money is. Because of its growing popularity, getting your foot in the door is paramount. The more mainstream it becomes, the better people are going to do it. If you wait, you’ll be behind the pack.

For video advertising success, make sure your social video ads have captions, are less than 30 seconds, and have a captivating thumbnail image.

Live Video

  1. A significant 50% of marketers plan on using live video services such as Facebook Live and Periscope, and 50% want to learn more about live video
  2. Periscope users have created more than 200 million broadcasts (Periscope, 2016)
  3. Periscope users watch over 110 years of live videos every day
  4. 43% of marketers said they’d create more live videos if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget
  5. Live video is given preference in the Facebook news feed
  6. People spend, on average, more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video than a video that’s no longer live (Facebook, 2016)
  7. Video of a live event increases brand favorability by 63% (Twitter, 2016)
  8. 82% of Livestream’s survey respondents prefer live video from a brand to social posts (Livestream, 2016)


Want to connect with thousands of people in real-time? Go with live video. Don’t let it scare you! Your live value doesn’t need to be Pepsi-quality–set up your phone and just sit down. Or film it while you walk. Of have an impromptu interview with an industry expert. Interview homeowners after a storm about home damage. Have a live catwalk of your  latest line of clothes. The options are literally endless.

For live video success, speak clearly, have a description, and make sure your broadcast is longer than 3 minutes.

Online Video Advertising Statistics Conclusion

This post doesn’t need a conclusion, the statistics speak for themselves.

One thing to remember is that while creating video may be easier with camera phones and editing apps, you need a good advertiser to make sure the right people are seeing it. We are of course happy to help, so let us know what you need!


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