Meet Mr. Adam Lisagor a techie turned actor/producer of ad films. He’s now the ‘most sought after’ ad film maker among Silicon Valley tech startups and the CEO of SANDWICH VIDEO – which claims to make videos for ‘neat tech products’ on their homepage.

What started as an unexpected journey making a video along with a friend for Birdhouse – an iPhone App for Twitter they developed; landed him into a lucrative and exciting career he might not ever have dreamed of!

The video Adam Lisagor produced and acted in, selling an iPhone App called Birdhouse for Twitter directed Adam Lisagor’s future career. Though the iPhone app was not a major hit, the ad film they released on YouTube got good attention. This brought Adam Lisagor ad film assignments from many tech startups.

The beardy, geeky demeanor of Adam along with his knack for tech made tech startups vouch for him. Coupled with his simple, to-the-point, no nonsense storytelling style Adam’s videos have helped many tech companies garner that ‘much craved for’ attention pre-launch.

A graduate student of New York University’s film school, Adam believes that simple, near-to-life stories that help the target audience relate to, are more impactful than hype and celeb-driven advertisements.

Initially uncomfortable to be before the camera, Adam credits Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for encouraging him to act after impressed with his screen presence in the debut video selling Birdhouse app.

The video Adam made for ‘Coin’, a single smart card that helps people save all their other cards’ information and transact was launched in November, 2013. This video has an astounding 9.7 million views and it helped the brand ‘Coin’ achieve its monthly sales target of $50,000 in less than an hour after its pre-orders launch online.

Very much content with his successful ad film making career at present, Adam Lisagor aspires to make a feature film one day.

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