6 Crazy Trends in the Video Advertising Industry

6 Crazy Trends in the Video Advertising Industry

Video advertising is the common part in every advertiser’s dairy today. Video advertising was also become an art of approaching the audience in innovative ways. It is a huge market in which the revenue from the advertising accounts some 4 billion dollars during 2013. Many companies are acquiring various video advertising companies. Advertisers are following various innovative techniques and strategies to get connected with the audience and to increase their brand identity among the millions of other brands that are present on the video platforms. Here are some crazy trends that are following by the advertisers in video advertising industry.

Mobile Ads Become all time Trend

With increase in the usage of mobile which we can term it as a mobile ad revolution. Advertisers are targeting on the mobile advertising approach. Mobile video views are increasing rapidly and it is the reason behind the focus on mobile advertising by the advertisers, many advertisers are also approaching the audience with different type of apps on the mobile and optimizing their sites, videos to the mobile devices format.

Trend of Native Ads

Native ads are going beyond the advertising by following the different versatile approach towards the audience.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos become popular on the YouTube platform. The products unboxing become the craziest trend which helps the advertisers to advertise their products with the star’s videos on YouTube platform.

Behavioural Targeting

The marketing efforts can be fulfilling if and only id your ad was efficiently targeted the audience and successfully grabbed the customers towards you. By using the behavioural data obtained by the analysis of the customers interests in browsing, purchasing history etc. the marketer can target the specific audience and can increase their sales.


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