6 Hacks To Stand Tall on YouTube

6 Hacks To Stand Tall on YouTube

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Using Youtube as an avenue to distribute your content and funnel the traffic from your videos to your website is a great method of building an audience and market your business. In 2013 every second there are 46,296 YouTube videos being viewed all around the world.

Video consumption has never been higher and Youtube is the outright leader in that space (but I’m sure you know this) so you should be tapping into Youtube for traffic and attracting as many eyeballs as you can.

So with the intro out the way, I figured we could look at six basic hacks to really give you that edge over some of your competitors who might not be utilising this medium as part of their strategy.

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1.   Entertain Your Audience

The times are shifting from the conventional ‘information centric’ phase to ‘entertainment age’, so it’s all about finding a way to tell your story in an engaging manner where the end user will want to distribute it across their social networks. For example, animated explainer videos are an excellent method of showing what your business stands for or to perhaps explain a complex concept in an easy to consume manner, we like to call it creative content marketing.

So what does an engaging video look like, well not to self promote, but I happen to think the animated video I used at my engagement party was pretty cool (see below):

Engaging videos will stick in people’s minds and make them want to tell others about it. The more engaging your content is, the more views, shares and responses you get. On the off chance YouTube detects a steady spike in views, you could possibly have it featured which would be quite the achievement.


Oh… and although it may seem like a no-brainer, make sure your headlines are sexy for both users and the search engines. Stir curiosity, make a promise, ask a question! The easier it is for your videos to get found, the greater chances you have to rank within Youtube, which by the way is the second most used search engine in the world, after Google of course.

2.   Use SEO for your descriptions

YouTube uses the copy and keywords in your description to determine the nature of your video and whether it’s relevant for people when they type in their keywords for a search query.

Write your video description just as you would typically write a blog post. Briefly describe what’s inside your video and why people should watch it. Try not to stuff them with keywords and irrelevant information and also remember that the first 22 words appear before the ‘see more’ option becomes available. If you plan to insert a link in the description, be sure to include the http:// in front of the address (so that it becomes clickable).

Another point while on SEO is to look into getting your videos transcribed. Simply add the text of your video in the description area and naturally insert some of your prominent keywords.

3.   Tag Your Videos

When adding tags to your videos, be sure to insert them with quotations. This tip alone will make your videos even more relevant when users type in these specific tags in their search queries.

tag your videos

4.   Use Annotations

Annotations are better known as bites of text you can add as overlays to your video which help to;

–       link to other videos

–       direct people to your subscription box

–       link a video to your playlists or channels

This is a great method to increase views to related videos and also get more subscribers to your channel. Just check out how Jamie Oliver’s video does it below:

YouTube annotations

Annotations can tell people to link to different similar videos if they enjoy the one they’re currently watching so you could have the attention of your viewers for hours!

5.   Upload Custom Thumbnails

How many times have you decided to open a video or not open one based on the thumbnail image? It makes a difference to your video’s click through rate.

In order to add your own custom thumbnail, follow these steps:

–       Go to the top right of your Youtube page and select “Video manager”.

–       Click on the “Channel settings” on the left side.

–       Switch on the “Custom thumbnails” option.

–       Click on the “Verify” button above and go through the verification process.

–       The “Custom thumbnails” are now enabled.

–       The next time you’ll upload a new video, you’ll see the “Custom thumbnail” button on the lower right side of the page.

youtube custom thumbnails

6.   Post Your Videos As Itunes Podcasts

This tip is heavily underutilised by a most YouTube users. Head over to the Podcast section of the iTunes store and select “Submit a Podcast”. This will take you through the process of having your videos uploaded on the iTunes store. Now, users will have the opportunity to subscribe and automatically download your videos every time you post one. Pretty neat huh?

I’ve kept this post short and sharp but hopefully these six hacks have given you some insights into how you can tweak your YouTube strategy to get more attention and tell your brand’s story a little better.




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