6 Questions to Answer before Planning Another Marketing Video

6 Questions to Answer before Planning Another Marketing Video [Free Creative Brief Template!]

Successful projects of any type start with all stakeholders being on the same page. And your video marketing project is no different.

So what’s the best way to make sure everyone’s on the same page? Lay everything out ahead of time in a creative brief, send it to everyone who will be involved in the project and allow at least one meeting for walking through the brief and answering any related questions.

Your creative brief should answer the 5 W’s and 1H of marketing videos. Check them out here and download the free creative brief template at the end of this post to put this plan into action!

1. Who is your video targeting?

This seems like a no brainer. But sometimes, with all the other content projects on-the-go and our knowledge of the growing importance of video, it’s easy to get caught up in producing a video for the heck of it and not thinking out a strategic plan ahead of time. So … tie this video into your strategic marketing goals and identify that lucky persona!

2. Why are you creating it?

Like I alluded to above, videos for the heck of it generally aren’t the most effective. Not only that, when there isn’t a clear strategy and plan for a marketing video from the start, it’s difficult for the video team (in-house or out) to deliver anything worthwhile.

Discuss why you chose to create a video in the first place. Was it to promote a piece of written content? To explain a new product feature? To summarize key learnings from a recent webinar?

Sharing these details will help those who aren’t living the nitty gritty details of your project or content campaigns (a.k.a. the video team) get a better idea of what’s going on inside that marvelous mind o’ yours.

3. What are the creative requirements?

There are times when we all think we’ve been graced with creative genius. While I don’t doubt that you’re at least a little bit of a creative wiz, sometimes we have to face the facts that we are the marketers and ‘they’ are the creative minds.

So while it might seem a little counter-intuitive, do your best to prescribe as little as possible here.

If there’s something that’s ABSOLUTELY necessary, that the video team must know, like having it align with another campaign, then note it. And if you do happen to have some creative ideas floating around that you’re just itching to get down on paper and share with the video team, go ahead – get it out of your system. But you’re best to leave this as a suggestion and not an imperative. There’s not much worse than hiring a creative person for a creative project and asking them to color inside the lines with only black and white stripes.

4. When is the video due?

This is project management 101, really. But in the hustle and bustle of the content highway, sometimes choosing deadlines can fall by the wayside. So set clear timelines and due dates for each stage of the project.

And remember, this is a creative project so build in time for activities like brainstorming and concept development and presentation. This is something that we’ve recently prioritized at Vidyard because the resulting video from a review and selection process of three concepts is almost always better than going with the first idea that comes to mind.

5. Where will it live and what supporting assets do you need?

So you’re going to include the video on your site, but where? Will it be going on a landing page with your downloadable guide? If so, this will feed back to the second question as the landing page may guide the design and branding of your video. Make sure to highlight this.

Plus, consider what other assets you’ll need other than the video. “What the heck are you talking about Kimbe, this is a video project”.

I know, right?

But there are certain assets that need to be completed in conjunction like thumbnail images or custom CTAs in order to prepare your video project for launch.

6. How will you measure its effectiveness?

It is extremely important to know how you will measure the success of your video before you start the project. This really ties back to the importance of setting your initial goals in order for everyone to understand this asset’s purpose.

For example, a video that’s meant to generate new leads will likely be measured on MQLs and MQL:SAL/SQL ratios. This means that the final form at the end of your video is just as important as the actual content of the piece (well … kinda, they have to make it to the end before clicking away!). And this is extremely important for your creative team or production agency to know.

Once you’ve settled on the answers to these questions and prepared your creative brief, it’s helpful to send it through to anyone that will be participating in this project, even if they aren’t on the creative side. For instance, a quick-read through is all it takes for those responsible for the technical side of the video project to understand it’s purpose and implement CTAs and tracking accordingly.

Want to see how you can get your whole team (or your team and your production agency) on the same page for every video marketing project? Download your own free copy of the Video Marketing Creative Brief!


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