6 Reasons Brands Should Be Using Periscope

6 Reasons Brands Should Be Using Periscope


Periscope is the new kid on the (social media) block, and they’re quickly shaking things up in the social media space.

For anyone who has yet to become familiar with Periscope, it is a live video streaming social media app – basically Face timing to your Twitter followers.

If hitting 10 million users in under 4 months isn’t impressive enough, Periscope users are now watching 40 years’ worth of streams a day, totaling to a whopping 21 million minutes a day.

Unlike brands previous slow transition to incorporate Snapchat into their social media marketing strategies, brands have been quick to adopt Periscope into their marketing communications and seem to have no problem using the social media app.

For those who have struggled to see the benefits of successfully utilizing Periscope, we’ve put together 6 reasons brands should be using the live video streaming app below:

1)         Innovative

Using a new social media channel, demonstrates your understanding as a marketer to stay up to date with innovative, new technological changes and basic sociological behaviors, especially amongst millennials.

2)         Live Video Streaming

Snapchat is limited to just 10 seconds per story and doesn’t exactly have a ‘flowing’ user experience. Whereas Periscope provides a live video streaming platform that is basically like face timing to your Twitter followers – the possibilities are endless!

3)         Real-time marketing

Real time marketing is often the most engaging form of content on social media, which is exactly what Periscope is about – real time video streaming, probably it’s strongest USP! This gives Periscope the edge over Snapchat, Vine and other video orientated social media apps.

4)         Direct communication

Skype and Face Time are quite intimate forms of communication right? Now imagine Skyping and Face Timing for everyone to see! This is the digital age we live in, where it is socially acceptable to breach these previous boundaries of intimacy and reach out to anyone and everyone, allowing a revolutionary direct and engaging form of communication compared to any other social media app on the market.

5)         Staying up to date with social trends

Incorporating Periscope into your social media strategy, not only demonstrates to users that you want try a new social media platform, but it communicates the fact that as a business, you are listening and willing to exercise new, modern forms of communication.

6)         Open up to a new target audience

A whopping 50% of Periscope users are aged 18-34 – you know where this is going! If you’re existing target audience is within the 18-34-year-old age bracket, then Periscope provides the perfect platform to directly reach these millennials. There’s a reason why sharks swim to the most popular seal destinations, I’ll leave that with you.


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