6 YouTube Optimization Strategies For Marketers

6 YouTube Optimization Strategies For Marketers

Your social media marketing campaign can’t bring the exposure if it doesn’t focus on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Statistics says that 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube, and the website receives over 5 billion views on a daily basis. This is the reason why businesses and Enterprise of all size and capacity strive to utilize this platform for getting more target audience. YouTube optimization is the only way to promote videos among your target audience.

YouTube optimization Best Practices For Marketers:

If you want to optimize your videos for rankings and visibility, you need to consider a few important things. Unlike optimizing websites for Google, YouTube doesn’t serve weightage to off-page elements, say links, for ranking within its search results. Mostly the off-page elements like title, description and video tags help you achieve impressive position in the YouTube search rankings.
The article will give you a complete walk-through of how you can perform YouTube SEO for sustainable results.

1.Video Titles:

From SEO point of view, Video titles are the most important on-page element. A well-written and meaningful title help viewers find relevant videos in search results. An ideal video title is one which accommodates keywords with high monthly search volume and low competitive difficulty.
Once you’ve sorted the target keyword that suits the best with your video, create a title that resonates with your audience.

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2.Video Descriptions:

Along with a catchy title, optimized video description is also very significant to Youtube optimization. A video description should be as catchy and enticing as your title is. It should be attractive to both the viewers and the YouTube algorithm. As of now, YouTube allows users 5000 characters for video descriptions. It will be a great push if first 150 characters of your description is compelling and using one of the most valuable keywords within.

3.Video Tags:

Like video title and description video tags help to identify each video at deeper level and very significant to YouTube search algorithm. If you tag videos with popular and relevant tags, it will help your videos getting visible in organic search results. Perform deeper keyword research while selecting a set of tags that match your videos. If you are looking at audience who belong to your competitors, include their channel name in the tag list will help your video appear as as recommended video.

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4.Channel Description:

Channel description is the brief introduction of your channel presented to the viewers when they first land up at your channel. Using a relevant and catchy description you can tell YouTube algorithm the relevance of your video channel. An ideal channel description is one that carries the most important content upfront.
Also, make sure the the description includes high-value target keywords that help establish brand value of your channel.


Using your channel logo across as watermark enhances your channel visibility across the videos on your channel. Since watermark is seen across all videos on the channel.

6.Channel Keywords:

Channel keywords are the general keywords used to define your channel. To get the best results, you need to perform effective keyword research and sound understanding of the industries and verticals you may want to target. Notably, YouTube only allows a maximum of 10 keywords per channel, so choose the wisely.

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These are some tips that have been proven effective in YouTube optimization. By incorporating these easy tips you can give your YouTube videos an impressive audience outreach.


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