65% of marketers say digital video growing in effectiveness to drive sales

65% of marketers say digital video growing in effectiveness to drive sales

In order to really drive ROI from video marketing campaigns, brands need to embrace a one-to-one model instead of a one-to-many, according to a new report of more than 200 senior brand marketers. This one-to-one model not only helps drive foot traffic to physical stores, it can also demonstrate ROI directly from video campaigns.

In research released by Sequent Partners and Eyeview, titled “Digital Video at the Inflection Point: How Brands are learning to Use Digital Video from Driving Sales,” as many as 65 percent of marketers surveyed say that digital video is growing in importance for driving offline sales. However, currently only 42 percent of these respondents see digital video as superior to other leading media.

“When it comes to digital video advertising, marketers have traditionally relied on the medium to deliver branding objectives with less of a focus on sales goals. However, the following research reveals that digital video is at its inflection point of the adoption curve, moving from a branding to a sales tool,” said Jim Spaeth, former president of The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and co-author of the study. “Digital video has strong financial returns and unique capabilities to drive sales while still building brands. Indications are that this medium is poised and ready to mature in the next 1-2 years.”

Today most marketers see digital video as a branding tool, and more than half consider video superior for building brand awareness and telling their brand’s story.

The study did show a disconnect between marketers’ perceptions and experience with video, as 87 percent said they have positive ROIs with the channel. Forty percent already see digital video as a sales driver, while 28 percent recognize it to be both a superior branding channel and superior sales driver.

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Digital videos’ potential is growing, as 65 percent of marketers agreed that video can be personalized like search and display, and 56 percent see that video fits with the current emphasis on data, targeting, efficiency and programmatic.

More than half, 54 percent, believe video’s impact is easy to track and prove.


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