70% of Social TV tweets are during program time, not ad breaks

September 22, 2013

Nice little infographic by my Social TV colleagues over at SocialGuide in the US. The infographic speaks for itself, but seeing that 70% of TV tweets came during program time and not during the commercial breaks is fascinating. If the numbers correlated to the Australian market, the most interesting thing for me would be that other research (from Nielsen’s Australian Connected Consumers Report) shows that Aussies who are engaging in Social TV activity like to browse and search for products and services during the ad breaks – with a heavy skew towards products and services that have just been advertised.

Admittedly I used to be a skeptic about the future prospects of Network TV, and I used to think they would get overrun by digital content platforms. Conversely, all the evidence I see just keeps making a stronger and stronger case for the future of TV which is fantastic. I’m happy to be proved wrong.

70% tweets are during program time


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