8 Effective Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel Within Your Blog

Using the blog to promote a YouTube Channel is a effective way to increase niche authority, visibility and gain more YouTube subscribers. There are several things that can be done to create more exposure for your YouTube channel. However, not many people are aware of these nor is it commonly applied.



1. Make your YouTube channel visible on your blog.

People land on your blog via various sources – search engines, mentions in other blogs, social media etc. Some of your blog readers may not be aware that you have a YouTube channel.

Add a YouTube subscription widget to your blog sidebar

The YouTube subscription widget will include the number of current subscribers, the number of channel views along with a subscribe button.

By adding a this widget, visitors will be able to get an idea of how successful your channel is. They can also subscribe to your channel directly from the blog.

Add a YouTube logo/link blog sidebar

If you are just starting out on YouTube and don’t have that many subscribers it’s best to just include an YouTube icon with a link to the channel.

You can use one or both of these methods. On this blog, I use both methods.

If you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel you can do so by simply clicking the subscribe button on the right side bar ;-)

2. Add link to YouTube channel within blog post

I don’t recommend that you do this for every blog post. But occasionally you can link to your YouTube channel within the blog post. It needs to have a natural flow within the blog post.

Did you notice that I linked to my YouTube channel above ?

3. Display all your YouTube videos on a blog page

You can add a separate page within your blog to include all your YouTube videos. You don’t have to do this manually. If you are using WordPress there are several plugins that can be used to curate all your YouTube videos. The plug-in I use is WordPress video gallery.

4. Add your YouTube Channel to the blog about page.

Most blogs include an About page which gives an introduction about the blog and the person behind it. Make sure to include a link to your YouTube Channel on this page. You can find an example in my about page.

5. Add welcome video to the blog landing page

Adding a welcome video increases personable nature of the blog. These videos are generally about 60 seconds long and give a short introduction.

A good example is marcus sherifddens blog. On the right side bar he has a personal story on how he got stared with his business.

6. Embed videos to blog post

Make sure to embed your YouTube videos in your blog when appropriate.

It can be a separate post just for the YouTube video.

For example,How to Get More Subscribers – Part 1

You can also directly embed a video when you post about anything related in your post. In point 1 above, I embedded the video on “Add a YouTube subscription widget to your blog sidebar”. I did this because it was related and most people who’d want to apply this might not know how. So by embedding the video in the post itself, the visitors and directly watch it and learn how it can be done.

7. Add links to related videos within your blog post

Sometimes, you might not want to embed the videos. But you can still link to the video if it’s related. You need to make a calculated decision on when you want to embed the video and when just adding a link to the video is sufficient.

8. Add a call to action to subscribe to your channel

I have noticed that when you give a direct call to action it increases conversion. So by specifically asking someone to subscribing to your channel will go a long way. Did you notice how I sneaked in the call to action at the start of this post ? ;-)



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