8 Simple Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel

Custom YouTube channels are proven to get more traffic, more clicks and subscribers than stock channels. Having an optimized channel will attract more viewers and will be shown in search results significantly more often. Use these 8 simple steps to bring your YouTube channel into the next level and start getting more likes, views, comments and subscribers today.

1. Create a Custom Background Image

A custom background is the first thing that anyone is going to see on your channel. It should reflect either the person or business and be instantly recognizable to your viewers. This artwork is the first thing that viewers will see when they visit your YouTube channel. The best way to make your channel look great on any resolution screen is to upload 1 image that is 2560px x 1440px and optimized using the template below:

To add your own image, click on your YouTube username at the top-right of your screen and select “My Channel.” Next, select “Themes and Colors.” You may need to click on “show advanced options” for the ability to upload your new background image.

2. Link Your Social Profiles

You have the opportunity to add links to the header of your channel. Make sure you capitalize on this and link your social media profiles as well as your subscription link. To add links to your channel header hover over the header, click the pencil icon then select edit links. Adding links to your channel not only adds social proof to your channel, but it allows people to find you on the other social networks you have profiles on. You can also link directly to your website to use your channel for a traffic source to your site.

3. Feature your Best Video

By default YouTube will show the last uploaded video for the featured content on your channel. While this may be beneficial if you are continuously uploading content, you may want to feature a certain video or playlist for your channel visitors. If you have a video that is significantly better quality or one that people enjoy more than others you should feature that video. You can select a video or playlist by going to the creator studio, clicking the channel link then featured content.

4. Optimize Your Thumbnails

If you have been reading our blog you know how important custom thumbnails are for user experience and ranking your videos, but they also play a large part in your channel’s overall feel. Your thumbnails should all follow the same general layout, or multiple layouts organized by playlist content. IF you have thumbnails that look completely different when they are put together on your channel they will hinder your overall user experience for your channel. A great example is John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” YouTube Channel. The channel has a great flow and each thumbnail looks similar and they are easy to recognize they are from the same channel and playlist.

5. Add Channel Keywords and Description

Channel keywords let YouTube know what your channel is about so choose them wisely. They won’t show to the end user, but they are the first thing that search engines and YouTube use to show your channel as recommended and when to display your channel in search results. The channel description is what your visitors can read when they click the about link on your channel. This is a longer description that you can utilize to put more keywords in (don’t overly spam keywords here, YouTube knows better) to better explain what your channel and videos are about. You add keywords by clicking the advanced options link in the creator studio. You change the description by logging into your account then clicking the about link on your channel.

6. Engage Your Visitors

Take the time to read your channel comments as well as those posted on your videos and be sure to respond. Do what you can to keep the comments top quality by deleting and reporting spammy or hateful comments. These kinds of comments can make your channel page look “neglected.” Deleting a comment on your channel page is the same process as deleting a comment on your video. Simply hover over the comment and then select the appropriate action from the dropdown menu.

7. Keep Adding Content

People want to watch new videos. Be consistent with your content uploads. Keep a schedule on creation and stick to it. If started uploading one video a week on Monday, then make sure you upload a video every Monday. Your channel subscribers will expect a new “episode” from you and your channel will appear neglected if you fail to upload on a regular basis. You don’t have to upload a new video every day, but you definitely need to have a regular stream of content to keep your subscribers engaged and attract new viewers.

8. Get subscribers and views

To improve your channel you need people to view your videos and engage with them. The fastest and easiest way to spark the activity is to purchase likes, views and comments on your videos. You can also buy YouTube subscribers to improve your social proof and encourage new viewers to subscribe to your channel. Make sure you read our post on gaining new subscribers to learn how to get new subscribers to your channel. A great channel highlights the videos that you spend so much time and energy making. If you don’t have an optimized channel then you are leaving a great tool to gain subscribers, views, likes and comments behind. Take the time to optimize your channel and utilize every tool you have on YouTube. Keep creating great content on a regular basis and your channel will naturally grow. If you need a kickstart for the channel you should definitely check out our YouTube packages we have available.


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