8 Social Media Hacks to Connect More with Fans Online

8 Social Media Hacks to Connect More with Fans Online

Building a website with all the features and functionalities required to entertain your customers alone will not do wonders. Reaching your target audience and promoting your products and services to them is equally essential for more online interaction and exposure of your brand as well as business. And what better way than social media to reach out to your customers and boost audience engagement.

Social media marketing has undoubtedly become an important activity for every social media marketing company in order to connect more with the customers. Not only can you compel them to engage with you and know more about your business but also encourages them to share your content within their network. But, at times it is quite a challenge to attract your clients and at the same time inspire them to share your content. Here, we list eight useful hacks for enhancing your social media strategy and maintain a consistent social presence.

Use enthralling images and videos

Images speak a thousand words more than plain text. It is well-known that humans can relate to an image 90% more than simple statements and therefore it is mandatory to include enthralling images, graphics or even videos to pull traffic and capture audience interests’. Innovative ideas of showing an interesting preview of a new product launched or giving a sneak peek of your services through a video can make your customers stop and watch out for more.

Hold a contest and Give Gifts or Prizes

This is interesting as SMM services are itself an engagement tactic and you can score here by holding a contest and giving gifts to the winners in return. Build a unique contest which includes a simple and easy process for public participation and thereby drive more audience to your page.

Conduct Polls

Conducting polls are an efficient way of pulling traffic. It involves tremendous participation and you can get large audience base as a result of more people getting in to share their opinions and suggestions.


Hash tags are the best ways to allow people search relevant social content. Make sure you hash tag your important keywords, services and products so that it becomes easy for people to search them. Moreover, you can also search social media networks or go through databases like Hashatit or Hashtagify.me to find relevant hashtags and make your content more searchable.

Social media tools

Integrating social media tools with your daily social postings routine can be of great advantage. Not only do they help you in systematic posting of your social content but also helps you keep a track of the ongoing conversations and enables to participate actively and quickly with your audience. A number of free engagement tools are also available if you are not willing to share more money on such resources. Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprinklr, Spredfast and Buffer are all within budget and helps a lot in keeping your audiences hooked.

Thought Provoking and Interesting Questions

Include more interactions on your page by asking thought provoking and interesting questions which your audience would love to answer. Add an image or a video and see how you get an instant traffic to your page.

Tag those who Share and Comment your Posts

Once a dedicated audience participates and responds to your product, make sure you tag them in your future posts to increase credibility. This can include other eminent brands as well. To further improve the engagement, send notifications to them and let them know that they are being talked about and coerce them to share it within their circle.

Share Trending News

Some news or events become the talk of the town and trend for some time within the social media. Leverage it by using them creatively in your conversations to engage more and welcome peoples’ new thoughts and suggestions. Facebook and Twitter are the hotspots to find interesting news that can spark conversations and create a huge turnout.

All these and may be other noteworthy hacks for social media marketing will help you boost your audience engagement and thereby built a brand name for your business online. If you are aware of more techniques or want to share any other information, kindly share them in the box below.

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