8 Tech YouTubers You Should Be Watching In 2015

8 Tech YouTubers You Should Be Watching In 2015

Tech-heads unite! With 2015 in full swing, we thought it might be a nice idea to take a look at some YouTube channels that do a fantastic job of dealing with technology — whether that means reviews and unboxing, tutorials or straight up DIY projects.

Below you fill find 8 channels that will keep you informed and up to date on all things tech.

1. Austin Evans

Austin covers a variety of tech from gaming PC to smart phones and more.

2. Nixie Pixel

This channel is dedicated to the indie/hack/geek community and spends a lot of time talking about DIY tech, open source and more.

3. Geekyranjit

Primarily reviews on tech and gadgets, this channel also covers how to effectively use a variety of tech in your daily life and includes Live Q&A sessions.

4. JayzTwoCents

A heavy-duty tech channel with an emphasis on gaming gear.

5. Tech of Tomorrow

Tech of tomorrow does it all, gadgets, phones, gaming tech… Mac and PC and unboxing, reviews and giveaways.

6. Adrian Isen

Adrian’s channel concentrates heavily on smart phones and mobile devices. He covers everything from iPhones to Androids and more.

7. Tinkernut

Tinkernut is another DIY/Maker-style hack channel that will teach you everything from how to make your own spycam to building your own private cloud.

8. Zedomax

Zedomax’s channel reviews a variety of tech, including smart phones, watches, TVs and more.


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