8 video marketing tips we learned from the pros at #Wistiafest 2014

8 video marketing tips we learned from the pros at #Wistiafest 2014

We recently attended #Wistiafest, a 3-day conference showcasing some of the brightest minds in video marketing. While there, we picked up a lot of great video marketing tips from the speakers. Today’s post shares a few of our favorites.

Use video to pump up the feelings.

Chris Savage, the CEO and Co-Founder of Wistia, reminded us that the power of videos is to bring humans back to the web. If you think about it, it’s really a great thing to be able to associate people with your band and deliver a consistent message to everyone that watches a video on your website. Think about how you can wow your audience to the feelings associated with your brand.

You’ve got to have goals for your videos.

When you start to make a video, every video, you should have a goal. Before you start shooting, be sure you’ve thought about what you want the video to do. This will help you craft the story you want to tell. A few popular video marketing goals include increasing the time spent on pages, decreasing calls to customer service, and increasing conversion.

Videos do increase conversion.

Because of the personal connection it creates, video is a great tool for increasing conversion. Not only does that human or emotional appeal help e-commerce site owners build trust, videos also help give your potential customers a good understanding of your product, your store, or you. With increased trust and understanding comes increased conversion.

Wisitia demonstrated how they used an emotional appeal to increase conversion. In a recent campaign, the video platform embedded a fun video in an email that asked people to fill out a survey. Instead of the usual boring video, they choreographed a dance to “The Hustle” substituting the chorus with ”Take a survey!” 2400 people to watch it and over 1000 people completed the survey. By playing fun, Wistia got a lot out of their video.

Create something of value.

It’s one thing to create content, but to create content that is engaging and hyper-targeted is what the web needs. The more valuable and useful your videos are to your audience, the more watched and shared they will be. Before you begin production, take some time to really think about your audience. Who are they? What makes them tick? What questions can you answer or problems you can solve? If you’ve done customer surveys, check those for inspiration.

Viral isn’t always better.

If your only goal is to get something viral, you’re not doing it right. You may think that you want everyone on the Internet to see your video, but as mentioned above, the most successful videos are very hyper-targeted and pertain to a specific audience. Shoot for quality over quantity. Try creating some more niche content and interjecting fun into it to get the best results from your audience.

Make the first 2% count.

Today’s Internet surfer decides in the first 2% of a video whether they want to keep watching or bounce. That means you have to hook them in a matter of seconds. To keep them, make sure you’ve expressed what they’ll be seeing in the remainder of the video so they can decided whether they are interested in the content. And don’t worry if some people do leave in the first 2%. This is a way you can see what the real engagement from your target audience is.

People know a hard sell–and it doesn’t feel good.

Today’s consumer knows when they’re being marketed to, and they don’t like it. When you’re planning video marketing, make sure you aren’t pitching a hard sell. If it’s too in-your-face, you can come across as desperate for a sale. Instead, be authentic and true to your audience.  If you’ve done your homework, the video will make your potential customers feel like you “get” them.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Practice makes perfect, and the only way to get better at creating videos is through strategic experimentation. Use metrics like social sharing, conversion, and views to see what works for you. Dig into your video platforms analytics to determine exactly which parts of your video are working. See what doesn’t work and adjust accordingly.

What tips would you give to help create successful video marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments!


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