85% of Adults Visit YouTube at Least Once a Month, More Than Facebook, Twitter

85% of Adults Visit YouTube at Least Once a Month, More Than Facebook, Twitter

Hundreds of millions of adults are visiting YouTube every month, and the site continues to dominate social media activity, demonstrating a 25% increase in users in the last 6 months. A new report from GlobalWebIndex, Social Q3, indicates that even if they don’t consider themselves very active users of YouTube, 85% of adults are visiting the site every month, compared to 76% for Facebook, and 40% for Twitter. While Facebook definitely has the most active user base, YouTube was the most visited site of all those surveyed.

GlobalWebIndex analysed the social media habits of users aged between 16 and 64, and confirmed that Facebook was the largest social media site in the world, with 1.35 Billion active users, but it only grew at a rate of 2%, compared to the phenomenal 120% experienced by Tumblr in the last 6 months alone. YouTube saw a 25% increase in users, just behind Twitter at 26%, and ahead of Google+ at 16%.

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Most Visited Social Media Sites

GWI asked respondents to confirm which social networks they used, and how frequently they visited those sites. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube came out on top for respondents in North America, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. Facebook has the most multiple daily visits, but YouTube, the world’s largest video site where 300+ hours worth of video is uploaded every minute, has more daily visitors than Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, and more weekly visitors than Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.

YouTube Visits: 63% of Online Adults Active on the Video Site

Facebook retains its position as the #1 social media site, with 83% of online adults signed up, and just under 50% actively posting on the network.But GWI confirm that YouTube takes the #2 spot with 63% of online adults regularly signing into the site to watch video content.

Globally, YouTube beats Facebook when it comes to sheer number of monthly visitors – 873M to Facebook’s 781M. YouTube attracts more visits than Facebook in every location analysed in the GWI report; Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, North America, and the Middle East and Africa. Outside of China, 85% of online adults are regular visitors to YouTube.

China excluded, GWI found that 91% of adult internet users visited either YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Google+ in October 2014. 19% of internet users were active on all four of the big social media platforms last month.


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