9 Things Social Media Marketers Need to Know from Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report

9 Things Social Media Marketers Need to Know from Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report

The reason that Mary Meeker’s yearly Internet Trends report is so legendary among  savvy marketers is that it covers everything you need to know about…well…the internet.  From national demographics to buying behaviors and social trends, this 196 page report has become a staple on the digital marketer’s reading list.Because social marketing is the name of my game, I pulled out tidbits which specifically relate to this field, but I highly recommend flipping through the whole report/deck, which you can find here. You’ll gain a whole new understanding of the marketing landscape and your target audience.

1. Video Is the Most Popular Kid at the Party

Video consumption is growing steadily.

Consumer internet traffic’s growth rate slowed between 2013 and 2014 (from 24% to 21%) — but global video consumption makes up 64% of that traffic.

In fact, global mobile video traffic grew by 55% in 2014.

Facebook, especially, has seen high growth in the video category.

These findings are backed up by our recent Facebook Industry Report, which revealed that video sharing increased by 43% among top brands in Q1 2015.

2. Social Ad Formats Catch Up to Content Creation

Social marketers have been incredibly creative at coming up with new ways to deliver content and enrapture audiences.

Social networks are doing their part to make social ads count by creating formats which support greater engagement between brands and people — and also decrease the distance between social ad and purchase.

Pinterest just debuted its cinematic pins, Facebook and Instagram have rolled out carousel ads, and Google is all about showing products that are available nearby.

3. Speed Increasing from Social to Buying

Speaking of decreasing the distance from social ad to purchase…

The major social networks are doing their best to show brands financial ROI by creating  in-app buy buttons attached to ads that link directly to product.

4. Snapchat Ads FTW

Snapchat has made some major moves this year.

One of these moves has been getting people to engage with brand content by voluntarily clicking and watching, instead of being served up an ad they are required to watch before they can get to the content they actually want.

Major media brands like Comedy Central and CNN have even jumped on the bandwagon, creating Snapchat-specific content in hopes of looping in those millennials.

And speaking of millennials, Snapchat is gaining serious steam in this demographic.

In terms of usage and reputation, it’s swiftly climbing the ranks to join the Facebook-Instagram-Twitter triumvirate which currently rules the roost.

I think Snapchat is definitely the social network to watch this year, and has proven itself as more than just a passing phase in the social world.

5. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Win the Usage Awards

Snapchat’s climbing, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most used social network apps on a global level.

Messaging apps own many of the top usage slots, however, and Meeker recommends that brands think about interacting with customers and on these apps, as well.

6. Pinterest Content Growth Is Strong…and Surprising

Pinterest is another social network to watch and invest in this year. It’s experiencing growth across the board — in surprising areas, too.

These surprising areas are “Car & Motorcycle” and “Men’s Fashion.” This is a positive growth sign for a network whose demographics have largely skewed female.

7. User-Generated Content Is Everywhere

UGC is dominating across all channels, from reporting news, to giving reviews, to writing/blogging,  to audio content (ahem, SoundCloud), to even video gaming on networks like twitch.

Click through the gallery above to see what I mean.

8. We Want Information in Real Time

More and more, folks want and use apps to control everything in their lives, from navigation to learning about events.

They want this information in real time, as current and up-to-date as possible.

What we have here is a great opportunity for social marketers to target specifically and answer needs speedily, especially as technologies continue to develop which enable this relationship.

9. And Data Most of All

Gotta love the data. This may just be my favorite slide in the deck.

As a social marketer, you are quickly gaining access to more information on your target consumer than ever before.

Make sure you’re using this data as effectively and elegan


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