A Quick Reference Guide for Social Video (Infographic)

A Quick Reference Guide for Social Video (Infographic)

As the video market becomes more diverse, every social network seems to have some kind of video solution. However, keeping up with the technical limitations and requirements for each site can be difficult. Uploading a video in the wrong file type, or incorrect aspect ratio could result in wasted time. An infographic from Italian video production company Communic Animation provides a handy cheat sheet.

Video length and maximum file size are the most limiting factors in play when uploading content to social sites. Facebook allows a generous 45 minute time limit, but a maximum file size of 1.75 GB. YouTube allows the longest video times — in excess of 11 hours per video — and the largest file sizes, while platforms like Instagram and Twitter only provide for very short videos.

Resolution and aspect ratio may seem like dull topics, but serving incorrectly rendered video to consumers could make your content less impactful. Instagram’s standard is 640 x 640, while YouTube offers anywhere up to 3840 x 2160, allowing more visually appealing content to shine.

Aspect ratio is also important when loading content to sites that use apps. Twitter’s video offering is built with a mobile-first mindset, so vertical content may do better there than on YouTube which uses the standard horizontal widescreen ratio. In fact, any mobile-first or mobile-only platforms like Snapchat is likely to prefer vertical video so content integrates into the user experience seamlessly.

When creating video content, it would be wise to consider audiences and platforms before making big commitments. What you can accomplish with Instagram video is very different than what you can accomplish with a longer, more polished YouTube video. The Internet is becoming video, but more than one solution is necessary to take advantage of that fact.

For more details check out the infographic below.

Note: The infographic incorrectly states that YouTube delivers 30fps video, when in fact it will support 60fps in both uploaded video and livestream content.


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