Adobe CC ‘Next’ video tools at NAB 2015

Adobe CC ‘Next’ video tools at NAB 2015

At NAB 2015, Adobe is previewing the latest features coming to Creative Cloud pro video apps, posted now by Adobe with Coming Next to Adobe Pro Video Tools. Adobe plan a webcast from the NAB 2015 show floor on April 16 to showcase the upcoming features. The webcast will provide a chance to see highlights of the release and chat in real-time with presenter Jason Levine and #TeamAdobe.

Here’s the overview:

The key themes of the upcoming release may leave you with a thirst for a focus on features, though we’ll have to wait for the release to gauge development in action.

  • New color workflows that make color an integral part of the creative process, including the Color workspace in the Lumetri Color panel and scopes in Premiere Pro CC (extracted from Speedgrade and Lightroom) and some new Look support in Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Mobile apps and integrations that extend the creative process, such as a streamlined workflow for opening Adobe Premiere Clip projects in Premiere Pro CC, and new mobile capture technology, the upcoming Project Candy, for creating Looks to enhance the appearance of footage.
  • Deeper collaboration for all—from small teams to large enterprises, including asset sharing via Creative Cloud Libraries for mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-desktop workflows. Also, Adobe Anywhere, coming soon in two versions, offers collaborative editing workflows for larger teams.
  • Tools and features that empower artists to create more and deliver faster: Adobe Character Animator, Morph Cut in Premiere Pro CC, Time Tuner in Adobe Media Encoder CC. Preview enhancements and Face Tracker in Adobe After Effects CC, and more.

Adobe is offering switchers to Adobe Creative Cloud — those from Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, or upgraders from previous CS versions — a $29.99 per month offer, which ends May 29, 2015. If you’re going to NAB, Adobe’s Megan Keane has a guide, All Things Adobe at NAB 2015.

Below are the main feature updates (more under the hood and with partners), pulled from Adobe team blogs and others.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC (team blog)

  • Lumetri Color Panel in Premiere Pro combines features from Speedgrade and Lightroom.
  • Improved scopes for the long-suffering Premiere user.
  • Morph Cut is a new transition akin to Avid Fluid Morph, coming out of and Adobe lab project.

◊ Be sure to see After Effects product manager Al Mooney’s feature announcement.
◊ Help has a new features summary (update coming).
◊ Josh Weiss (@reToolednet) promises a new features video summary soon.
◊ Some may be disappointed at the first glance of the new color features — hoping instead for a “Lightroom Speed Cine” environment — but Scott Simmons offers a positive take in Have A Look At The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 Update: A lot of new features including a surprise color grading overhaul.
Adobe After Effects CC (team blog)

  • Improved preview options, including uninterrupted previews. Hopefully it’s just the first fruit of a re-architecture for greater interactive performance.
  • Character Animator, a linked but separate app shipping later, is a preview of Project Animal seen last fall.
  • Face Tracker follows facial gestures with greater accuracy.

◊ Be sure to see After Effects product manager Todd Kopriva’s feature details in next major update for After Effects CC revealed.
◊ After Effects Help has a New features summary (update coming).
◊ Check out the Adobe Forum if you want to talk about the new features.
◊ We usually expect an insightful overview from Chris and Trish Meyer, who offer an After Effects NAB 2015 Preview: A big overhaul under the hood promises a more responsive program. They also have a new tips video and article while you wait for the “CC Next” release, After Effects Hidden Gems Weekly.
◊ Look out also for a video summary on new features from Motionworks., New Features in Ae CC 13.5 by John Dickinson.
Adobe Media Encoder CC (team blog)

  • The marquee feature for the next release is Time Tuner, which lets you adjust the duration of content at render time.
  • Multichannel audio output with Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus, plus support for encoding and decoding of JPEG 2000 in an MXF wrapper.

◊ Al Mooney posted all the new features in his announcement, What’s Coming Next to Adobe Media Encoder.
◊ Help has a new features summary (update coming).

Adobe SpeedGrade CC (team blog)

  • It’s more about putting features into Premiere this time.
  • You can bring editing projects into Adobe SpeedGrade CC with Direct Link, now including support for the new Premiere Pro Lumetri color tools.

◊ Eric Philpot has the perspective from Speedgrade, What’s coming next to SpeedGrade and Creative Cloud? (Hint: it’s going to be colorful)
◊ Help has a new features summary (update coming).
Adobe Audition CC (team blog)

  • Premiere timelines can now be streamed via Dynamic Link directly into the Video panel in Audition, with full native resolution and frame rate.
  • Full-Screen mirror video display
  • Easy link your multitrack clips to new media assets, changing the content while keeping all edits, automation, and effects
  • There’s a good number of other features this time too!

◊ Help has a new features summary (update coming).
Adobe Prelude CC (team blog)

  • Voice over recording is new
  • Additional Audio Tracks

◊ Help has a new features summary (update coming).
Adobe Story Plus CC (team blog)

  • Story wasn’t mentioned in the press so far.

◊ Help has a features summary.
Adobe Anywhere for video

◊ Earlier, Oliver Peters compared Adobe Anywhere to Avid Everywhere

Also. trumpeted is Project Candy, seen briefly in Coming to Adobe Premiere Clip – Apply your own custom Looks:

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