How Advanced Is Digital Video Targeting in Canada?

How Advanced Is Digital Video Targeting in Canada?

Digital video advertisers in Canada are more likely to use advanced targeting for their ads than to simply rely on demographics, according to information released by Videology on how clients used its platform in Q4 2014.

More than nine in 10 video impressions served by Videology in that time period were served based on advanced targeting criteria, with the most common being geotargeting. Over one-third of impressions with advanced targeting were targeted by location. A further 27% used behavioral targeting.

These geotargeted video ads were for more than just mobile devices. According to Videology, 63% of campaigns it served during Q4 were for PCs only. Overall, 34% of campaigns had a mobile component, whether alone or in conjunction with PCs or connected TVs.

Heavy usage of targeting by Videology’s advertiser clients is not surprising: In October 2014, the ad network polled marketers in Canada in conjunction with Marketing Magazine, and 45% said targeting was the No. 1 advantage of digital video advertising.

Research from Salesforce Marketing Cloud indicated that 70% of marketers in Canada planned to increase spending on video ads in 2015. eMarketer estimates advertisers in Canada will spend nearly $289.0 million on digital video buys this year, up from $232.0 million in 2014.

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