Al Jazeera To Launch YouTube Channel…

Al Jazeera is launching a YouTube channel with offices headquartered in San Francisco…

Quatar-based TV news network Al Jazeera will launch a dedicated online video channel within the next few months. The channel was announced at the MIPCOM industry convention in Cannes this week, and a press release quoted Al Jazeera’s Innovation and Incubation Manager Moeed Ahmad with the following words:

“There is a generation of people who wants to go beyond the box. They instinctively turn online to consume news. They share, like, Tweet, comment, interact and forward. To reach them requires a fresh approach. We’re working hard to bring this to the world. It will be engaging and at times entertaining – but always with purpose. Get ready – we’re coming soon.”

An Al Jazeera representative told the Hollywood Reporter that the new online venture will be headquartered in San Francisco, with dedicated offices in Johannesburg, Beijing, New Delhi and elsewhere.



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