Alzheimer’s Society YouTube channel hits one million views

Alzheimer’s Society YouTube channel hits one million views

Launched in 2007, the Alzheimer’s Society YouTube channel is the home for all the Society’s audio and visual content. In December 2013 the channel’s counter ticked over to one million views.

Since its launch, thechannel has hosted all the Alzheimer’s Society’s audio and visual content, featuring everything from the personal stories of people living with dementia, to information about diagnosis and research. Many of the films have been key parts of the Society’s activities, such as Memory Walk and Dementia Awareness Week,and have been shared over all our social network platforms and by our supporters.

Rebecca Machin, Alzheimer’s Society Audio Visual Producer said:


‘We believe that film is a particularly effective way of sharing information about dementia and showing our viewers the reality of living with the condition. We’re committed to regularly uploading high-quality videos to the channel, and we’re really pleased to see our viewing and subscriber figures going up accordingly. To see our latest films, subscribe now.’

Hitting one million views shows just how valuable making films about dementia is. Continued improvements are keeping the Alzheimer’s Society YouTube channel the best place for regular and informative content. To get the most from the channel, why not join our 2,000 other subscribers and share your favourites on social media.

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