Amazing Vine Captures Massive Brazil Protests

Can six seconds’ worth of video and audio convey the story of a massive protest in Brazil? Yes it can, per this Vine video recorded earlier this week.

Posted by Lucio Amorim, the Vine shows thousands of protesters in the streets of Rio de Janeiro protesting poor public services and corruption in the halls of government. Per its official tally, it has been tweeted more than 10,500 times and “liked” 400 times, but its off-platform reach is likely much higher.


Protests in Brazil started earlier this month in Sao Paulo as a relatively small demonstration against the government’s planned rise in public transit fares. After police engaged in a brutal crackdown against the demonstrators, the movement grew into a multi-city protest against government corruption at large — mirroring similar but unrelated developments around the world in Turkey.

Brazil’s protests are the first of their magnitude following a relatively stable period of economic growth. The protests also prompt questions over whether the country and its police will be able to provide security for the upcoming World Cup, per Reuters.

Can Vine be a tool for storytelling beyond fun animations? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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