Amazon now offering unlimited cloud storage for $5 for one year

Amazon now offering unlimited cloud storage for $5 for one year

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Now may be a really good time to try out Amazon Cloud Drive.

The company is offering a promotion for Black Friday that will give you a year of unlimited cloud storage for $5.

The plan allows users to upload an unlimited number of files to the service, including photos, which are stored at full resolution. While some services, like Google Photos, allow you to store photos for free, they do so at a slightly reduced resolution.

Amazon offers two mobile apps, Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Photos, which allow you to sync and manage files from your smartphone.

While the price is a significant discount — a year of cloud storage is normally $59.99 — it’s important to note the current offer is only for a year, so those who take advantage of it will pay the full price after the initial year.

Even so, unlimited cloud storage at the full price of $59.99/year is competitive as few services offer truly unlimited storage. 1 TB of storage on Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox Pro both cost $9.99/month. Until recently, Microsoft offered unlimited OneDrive storage to Office 365 subscribers, which began at $6.99 a month. Microsoft revised the plans earlier this moth after some subscribers reportedly were using as much as 75 TB each. Now, Office 365 subscribers are limited to 1 TB of storage.

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