An Ode to Movement

By: Already Alive

Thank you vimeo community, this video happened because of you.

Misfit commissioned us to make something around the idea of their activity tracker.
Not about it. But around it. Because they’re cool like that.
“Our activity tracker measures movement” they said.
So we thought, what better way to talk about movement than to see it happen all around the world?
We enlisted our fellow vimeo filmmakers around the globe under the unified project to capture movement: abstractly, intangible, in all forms.
So with footage from our new friends in Nepal, China, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Australia and footage we shot in NYC, we proudly present:
“An Ode To Movement”

If you support companies giving artists a chance to make cool things, check out the Misfit Shine at Indiegogo
We hope you do.

We are,
Already Alive

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