Analytics Insights To Inform Your Marketing

Analytics Insights To Inform Your Marketing

One of the most frequent requests I receive while speaking at events and talking to users is for us to release more macro insights. We’ve been listening, and December has been a great month for us for sharing big picture thinking and unique data.

What have we done? Our team has shared 2 awesome uses of Analytics data to help you better understand the digital landscape. I think they’re really useful, and so wanted to share them both with you below in today’s quick post:

1. Updated Customer Journey to Online Purchase Tool

Last year we introduced “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” — a tool that helped marketers visualize the roles played by marketing channels like paid search, email and display ads in their customers’ journeys. The goal was to help marketers learn more about the customer journeys for their industries. If social makes your customers aware, and email makes them convert — or vice versa — you can make sure you’re in both places with the right kind of message. I blogged about it here.

This week we’re happy to introduce a new improved version of the Customer Journey to Online Purchase, with a few key enhancements. We’ve refreshed the data based on millions of consumer interactions, updated the industry classifications, and we’ve split out paid search so you can see the influence of brand and generic search terms on the purchase decision. Check it out on the Think with Google site here.

2. Ringing in the New Year with Behavioral Trends & Insights

Last month our team published an analysis of how people behave before and during the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. We saw the most important days of the year for retailers, how to take advantage of the top transaction days, and when to take action. This month we are looking at the patterns of behavior over the holidays and into the new year with the objective of understanding how digital marketers can prepare for 2015.

After looking at data from the previous three years, we found two interesting insights:

  1. User behavior is significantly different from country to country, but very consistent from year to year within a particular country.
  2. The beginning of January can be a great time to offer new deals outside of the US.

Read our team’s blog post to learn more about the analysis we performed and how to take advantage of the trends we found, it will help you get a head start on 2015.

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