Apple Intended To Dominate The Market For Digital Video

Apple Intended To Dominate The Market For Digital Video

A new report released today by Adobe shows that, when it comes to pay TV and digital media devices to buy, Apple is expected to play a leading role in the coming years. Read more after the jump.

From this report we have further confirmation that the Apple TV is not just a “hobby”, but is becoming something much more serious, expected to grow in the coming months with the arrival of a new model and a pay TV service subscription.

This Apple TV has the potential to become a huge source of revenue for the company. iPad and iPhone are terminals where you consume more digital content at all, but with the new features coming on Apple TV (now third), things could change. With the ability to buy or rent movies and soon to install app and subscribe to premium services, this device will bring huge profits to Apple. In addition, the Apple TV will also serve as a hub for the home of the future, since it is essential to control accessories HomeKit when we are away.By the way, already in the last 12 months, the Apple TV has doubled its share of viewing of video, from 5% to 10% of all digital video. Apple continues to dominate the ranking of the video displayed on mobile devices, with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that contributed to the growth.

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