Apple TV ad shows just how big the small screen has become

Apple TV ad shows just how big the small screen has become

The future of television is Apple TV.
Photo: Apple
Apple is pushing its new iteration of Apple TV hard, hoping to move it beyond a “hobby” into a must-have set top box for every living room and television set possible.

Apple’s new ad, “The Future of Television,” is a visual collage of just about everything you can do with the Apple TV, including watching television shows and movies, playing games, and listening to music.

Check it out.

The new Apple TV — just released in October of this year — is Apple’s fourth try at a set top box for the TV in your home, and it’s the best one, yet.

The advertisement is a whirlwind of visuals, all transitioning in and out with Apple’s new Apple TV-centric color bars, tweaked for each of the shows and games in the ad. Just the first few seconds of the minute-long video include Orange is the New Black, Grand Budapest Hotel, Game of Thrones, The Muppets, Veep, The Simpsons, The Colbert Report, Wizard of Oz, Rocky, Ant Man, and Inside Out.

As the advertisement wordlessly explains, you can do pretty much anything related to home entertainment on it, from watching movies both new and old, binging on your favorite television series with apps like Netflix, playing fun new games with the Siri Remote like the Disney Infinity Star Wars game, or even shopping at stores like Gilt for your own ruby slippers.

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