Apple working on a web TV service, report says

Apple working on a web TV service, report says

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Apple is working on a web-based TV service along the same lines of Dish’s Internet-only Sling TV. That’s according to a report from Re/code.

Sling TV offers a relatively cheap subscription package for people who have eschewed cable — the so-called cord-cutters. It offers a small number of channels instead of the expensive multi-channel lineup offered by Comcast, Time Warner et al.

The new service, if it ever happens, is still a long way off. The Cupertino company is in talks with networks about how to get the platform off the ground — but everything is so preliminary that there are no price or timeline estimates yet.

Apple has been toying with entering the pay-TV fray for a while now. Most recently, the report claims, it has been in talks with Time Warner Cable about collaborating on hardware and software. With its own web TV service, Apple could sell directly to consumers, cutting out all middle parties.

In 2009, the company reportedly proposed a $30-per-month subscription service that never ended up coming to fruition.

The Apple TV set-top box, of course, already exists. But that simply acts as a streaming conduit for a conventional television. What this service would do is allow Apple to provide content to the customer — presumably via Apple TV.

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