Australian advertisers embracing Multiscreen Video Ad Campaigns

Australian advertisers embracing Multiscreen Video Ad Campaigns

7 in 10 video ad campaigns are now multi-screen.

According to the latest data from Videology, Australian digital video advertisers are not only embracing the video ad format, but doing so across multi-screen campaigns with almost 7 in 10 campaigns including desktop and mobile ads.

In 2014 there was a stand-out increase in advertisers choosing to run their campaigns on multiple screens. This latest data analyses Q1 of 2015 and this trend is continuing with ‘69% of all campaigns running on more than one device in Q1 2015, compared to 60% in Q4 2014. A year ago, in Q1 2014, just 24% ran cross-screen.’

The Consumer goods industry is leading the way as digital video advertisers, with 28.6% of digital video ad impressions served on its platform in Q1 2015 for consumer goods, followed by automotive ads, with 22.1% of impressions.

Another stand-out figure from the data from Videology is that advertisers are putting ‘view-through rates‘ as their top campaign objective amongst its video advertisers. And, according to data from DoubleClick, 73.2% of video ads served on that network in March 2015 that users started viewing, were viewed to completion. That was higher than in most other countries studied.

It’s also worth taking note some of these ‘time-spent’ figures from Q4 2014 data from Nielsen, OzTAM and Regional TAM regarding Australian consumers per month:

  • 7 hrs, 28 mins – Watching online video on desktop
  • 2 hrs, 47 mins – Watching smartphone video
  • 2 hrs, 3 mins – Watching digital video on tablets

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