This is a short film that I created for a festival I got the opportunity to enter in Milan, Italy.

The word ‘basta’ in Italian is the imperative form of the word “stop” or “enough” particularly when used as an interjection. The “(rd)” on the end is just an obvious pun 🙂

I took a different approach with this project than I usually do with my other projects. I wanted to make a piece, very powerful, but also very open-ended… and see what viewers think of it.

So this is where you come in! Tell me what you think it means to you or what this might say overall about domestic violence. I was not trying to create a linear piece of story with this project, so clearly there isn’t a conclusion or resolution. It is more of a glimpse into a moment in time where we see real events occur that really happen everyday. Putting a context to a situation like this is something the filmmaker usually does… I thought it might be cool to flip it and have the audience do that for a change.

This was shot on the RED one camera, with a full set of (but mostly the 21mm f/2.8) Zeiss Prime lenses. It was shot at 120fps in 2K and time ramped all willy nilly using Twixtor. Editing was done in Final Cut Pro and all the post effects were done in After Effects. The color treatment was done using the Magic Bullet Suite of apps from Red Giant Software.

We shot this over the course of one full day on location in Charlotte, NC.

The music is by Drake Margolnick entitled ” The Tracks (the fool) and can be seen here:​album/​taylorsville

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

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