Beet Social Video Platform Updated on iOS

Beet Social Video Platform Updated on iOS

After quietly launching in February, social video platform Beet received a new update on iOS, allowing users to film short moments of their everyday lives and share them with others (like Vine, but with a focus on greater spontaneity). Challenging the idea of only sharing life’s highlights on services like Facebook or Instagram, Beet encourages users to simply record their lives, without waiting for something cool to happen.

With Beet, users are shown suggested accounts to follow, or they can login with Facebook to follow their friends. The app’s timeline view shows content from the last 48 hours of each followed user’s life. As users view videos, they can tap to skip or double tap (or more) to give in-app karma to the poster. As users continue to share videos, they add to their overall “story” within the app.

Beet’s discovery feed allows users to view popular or trending stories, as well as the new clips shared each day, which are presented in an ongoing “Today on Beet” story. Users can follow others via this discovery feed, or search for users manually.With Beet’s new update, users can organize their clips into individual stories, create group stories with their friends or create public stories that anyone can join. The app now also supports moderated stories, where the owner must approve each submitted clip before it’s added to the group.

Beet encourages brands and organizations to download the app, and offers free app training and support for brands looking to utilize Beet as part of their social campaigns.

Beet is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is coming soon to Android.

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