The best photos and Vines you shared with us in 2014

The best photos and Vines you shared with us in 2014



Image: Flickr, Xiaofan Luo

There are many lenses through which to you can look back on 2014 — the year in pictures, in quotes, in news stories.

And then there’s the art you shared with us.

Through each of Mashable‘s 38 photo challenges, 28 Vine challenges and two #MashMeets, we witnessed the immense artistic talent in our community. The responses we received for each challenge — from wilderness photography and faceless portraits to claymation and mini-movie remakes —were truly inspiring.

We’re especially thankful for our active followers and fellow collaborators on Instagram and Vine; we hit the 100,000 followers milestone on both platforms this year, and much of that credit goes to you.

Below, we rounded up some of our favorite photos and Vines from all of you throughout 2014. Take a look:


1. American bullfrog

2. Windswept rocks

3. Opportunities

4. A city of tracks

5. Breathe

6. Acrobatic

7. Ponte Vecchio

8. Squeaky clean

9. Smokey

10. Strangers

11. Abyss

12. Red

13. Flipping cobra

14. Serene

15. A certain slant

16. Starry skies

17. That’s Darwin right there

18. Curiosity

19. The moment of discovery

20. Grazing

21. Behind the rows




22. Nature’s reflection


Joe Whitson

Image: Joe Whitson

23. Meep meep

24. New York from above

25. The leaves this year


1. Let your imagination take over

2. Liquid bolts

3. Mashed potatoes with a twist

4. A holiday Rube Goldberg machine

5. Sylvio tries out a new blender

6. Moonset x sunrise

7. Run!

8. Into the forest

9. Vine for a cure

10. I heart food

11. Fruit magic

12. Drip castle

13. Playing with water and ice

14. Squares on squares

15. Office Space

16. Setting sights on flight

17. Happiness factory

18. Kids and their imaginations

19. Time lapse

20. Water, snow, ice

21. Leaking pipes

22. Magic brush

23. Time bending

24. Adventure of the alphabet

25. Building

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