Best Practices- Video SEO


Where to Begin?

Trying to improve your video’s SEO (search engine optimization), but don’t know where to start? Here are a few quick tips to help you get started.

1) Make sure your video is high quality with great content. Boring videos just don’t go viral and will certainly not get a good ranking! You must create your video with specific intentions and a target audience in mind. Then, figure out how the content in your video is going to appeal to your viewers. Once you are ready to film, make sure you have proper lighting, a quiet space where your message can be heard (if your video includes dialogue), and a steady hand.

2) Keyword Research is a must! Choose the proper keywords with the help of Google Analytics, Google Keyword Tool, and YouTube KeyWord Suggestion Tool to create a search term for your video. For more help with keyword research, click here.  

3) Create Video Sitemaps. It is crucial to create a video sitemap, using Google Webmaster Tools, so that search engines can find and index your video. Creating a sitemap will allow your video to be found in the Google search results and on your website.

4) Optimize Video Page Loading Speed. In today’s digital age, people do not have the patience or time to wait more than a few seconds to see your video. To make sure your loading speed is up to par, there are a number of websites which will test the loading speed of the webpage that contains your video. At GBA, we use pagespeed.

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