Top Story: Snack Giant Bets on Digital Video


Oreo, Sour Patch Kids, Chips Ahoy, Ritz Crackers … all these and dozens of other household brands fall under the snack conglomerate Mondelez International, and its placing its bets on digital video.

On Monday, digital branding software company TubeMogul announced the global partnership with Mondelez International for the purposes optimizing the snack giant’s online video advertising strategy. Relying on TubeMogul’s software to plan, purchase and show digital video ads programmatically, Mondelez plans to pilot the ad program in North America, with potential expansion worldwide.

The investment in digital ads is expected to take up half of the company’s digital marketing budget by 2016, according to Ivelisse Roche, associate director for global media and consumer engagement at Mondelez.

“We are focusing on a more screen-agnostic approach and moving away from a traditional media focus on consumers in the living room,” said Roche. “Programmatic fits within the larger digital optimization strategy we’ve been employing for the last year as we shift more media spend to digital, and online video is a major area for growth.”

With the prevalence of smart devices and the constant connectivity that people have come to embrace as a result, digital video is not a bad bet to stake. According to TubeMogul, the number of mobile video ad auctions increased 350% from the previous quarter in the U.S., an average of 850 million.

What will you place your digital marketing dollars on?


Tool of the Week: Find Your Dream Job with LinkedIn’s New Job Search App


Unveiled yesterday, the Job Search app is LinkedIn’s sixth standalone app and the fourth to be released in the last 18 months. What distinguishes this app from those already out there is that it is intended to help users find and apply for jobs without having to sift, often unsuccessfully, through your local newspaper.

Rather than simply including this job search tool as a feature within the general LinkedIn app, the professional network decided to make it a separate entity because it is, “meaningful enough or broadly based enough to merit its own app,” says Parker Barrile, VP of Product for LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Knowing full well that its users mean business when on the hunt for their next gig, LinkedIn has purposefully designed its app without ads, news and content that all too often distract users from staying on track and focused on meeting their goals. Additionally, since pursuing new work is a private choice packed with successes and failures, LinkedIn Job Search has made everything completely private and invisible to those within your network. So rest assured, you’re secrets are safe!

For those with iPhones, you’re in luck, as the LinkedIn Job Search app has thus far only been engineered in such a way that is supported by your mobile device. For Android users, be not afraid as an Android version is slated for later this year. You’re wasting time even reading this post, hop to the job hunt with LinkedIn’s app!


Under the Radar: Twitter Acquires SnappyTV


Yesterday, Twitter revealed its plan for acquiring SnappyTV, a video platform allowing broadcasters to clip, edit and share segments live. With this acquisition, Twitter stands to strengthen its stronghold as the premier platform for up-to-the-minute news and information as users will be able to view real-time event clips right in their timelines.

Launched in 2010, SnappyTV has built relationships with networks like Fox Sports, ABC News and Univision.

Integrating its platform with Twitter will “inject the best video content into Twitter’s real-time conversation, straight from the TV to your mobile device,” according to Baljeet Singh, Director of Product Management at Twitter, “Twitter users have watched goals, slam-dunks, amazing shots, and touchdowns –– as well as red-carpet moments, award show performances, news clips and funny moments –– right from a Tweet in their timeline.”

What events would you want to follow via Twitter?


Around the Hub: Literary District in Boston


 With Boston’s rich American history and its impressive assortment of premier academic institutions, it goes without saying that Boston is a city accustomed to making headway in every sense of the word. As it currently stands, Boston is already home to many incredible attractions, ranging from Fenway Park, The North End, and Newbury Street, to the Old State House, Quincy Market and the Public Gardens. Each of these sites and many more are responsible for drawing crowds from every corner of the world, but what if tourists had yet another reason to make the trip?

In the coming week, Boston City Councilors will be putting forth a resolution for the approval of a proposed Literary Cultural District, and full support of the Council is expected. City Councilors, Ayanna Pressley and Michelle Wu, both of whom also sit on the Arts, Film, Humanities and Tourism Committee, are leading the project that will be the first district of this specific variety in the entire country. Aside from the prospect of a financial boot to the to-be-determined region, the effort will be driven by community members both near and far who believe the district will incentivize foot traffic in neighborhoods by Bostonians and tourists alike.

If all goes according to plan, the district could be launched by the end of September or early October, but that is dependent on the best-case scenario for each and every step in the process. Though it has not been officially decided, the Literary District will be bordered by Washington Street to the east, Dartmouth Street to the west, Beacon Hill to the north and Boylston street to the south. In an effort to streamline and make the future amenities accessible, a mobile app will likely debut sometime in 2015 to help people navigate the community.

Once it’s up and running, the Literary District is to host events and programs such as readings, book signings, poetry slams, writing classes and symposia. Admitting it’s incredibly difficult to get a project of this size of the ground, it appears that the overwhelming support of community members indicate it’s got a fair shot.