Big Impacts of Online Video Quality


 Big Impacts of Online Video Quality



Revenue opportunities and audience retention aren’t the only things that online video quality has an impact on, but they are two of the most significant things on the table being affected.  There are severe consequences for any website that has video content that performs poorly. Studies by Akamai Technologies and Jupiter research have shown that poor video quality will take away from the credibility, hinder return visitors and make obsolete potential advertising revenues just to name some.


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Akamai’s study alone proved that low quality video turns the consumer off, while good quality video enhances customer preferences. Both studies working together proved that almost 50% of online customer’s high quality videos online at least once a month. Another estimated 45% of online users will connect via broadband while once a week of watching these high quality online videos. A whopping 80% of consumers understand and welcome the advertising aspect of free online entertainment through their preferred video content.


Impact #1 – Some of the biggest turnoffs for online video viewers are buffering and playback issues. 



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These can be very frustrating, and more times than not these issues will cause the customer to go elsewhere or to another video source. At least 60% of people who frequently view videos online do so at least once a week. Most of these individuals state that if the video content is poor they will not return to the site where the viewing experience occurred. To simplify that, the poor quality videos will drive the consumer right into the arms of your competitors.


Impact #2 – Bandwidth intensive video content in the form of TV programs and full length movies is trending among viewers. The target audience majority is 34 and younger. Only around 17% of viewers on a regular basis are over the age of 34 years old.



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 Impact #3 – Like your website, your video content can oftentimes be the only thing to offer an impression of your company or services.



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You want this to come off clean, smooth and working well. It should be stylish, high quality and zero in on your target audience. Capture them in the first few seconds of the video or you could lose them. Maintaining high quality video is essential to your business. Let us know what you think about quality video!

  • 46% of online consumers watch online video monthly or more frequently.
  • 43% of online consumers who connect to the internet by broadband watch online video at least once per week.
  • 80% of online video users accept the presence of advertising as a trade-off for providing free online video content.

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