Bite-sized BBC News Comes To Instagram Video

Bite-sized  BBC News Comes To Instagram Video       

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Broadcasting stalwart, the BBC, have always been early adopters of  technology, particularly online, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them  trialing soundbite-size snippets of breaking news via Instagram’s video  platform. The Corporation has launched their new “Instafax” service on the  short-form video site, and for the next few weeks will be uploading 15-second  videos of news and current affairs stories to their Instagram account. Three  videos will be posted a day during the month-long trial, and the BBC are  actively inviting user feedback on the venture.

Head of BBC News Online, Steve Herrmann, said the experiment is a response to  changing audience patterns:

We want the process to be organic, and we’re keen to trial new ideas on how  we can use our video content to reach new audiences. [We want] to find  innovative ways to bring the best of our journalism to new audiences, something  our team has been looking at for some time.

In December 2013, viewing figures for BBC iPlayer showed confirmed tablet and mobile consumption had overtaken desktop usage  for the first time.

The name ‘Instafax’ is a hat tip to the old, much-missed, Ceefax service  which ran for 38 years until 2012. You can see an example of an example of one  of the videos here:

As you can’t link out to other sites from Instagram, it will be interesting  to see how the BBC fares, given that it can’t direct viewers back to its main  news site.

bbc news instagram video


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