Blab Live Streaming Video Platform

Blab Live Streaming Video Platform

Video become the biggest buzz word on the web today. There are great changes in its usage on the web like autoplay videos, skippable ads, live concerts etc. now, its time to live streaming videos, the live streaming video apps like Periscope, Meerkat become very famous and appeared on the top rated news all over the web. The people are going towards the real time interaction and conversations and supporting the various live streaming applications. These applications were also gained huge response from the people across the globe and grew in a short span by accounting some millions of users towards their app.

New Live Streaming App BLAB

Blab is the new live streaming application that is supported or compatible with the desktop and the iOS platforms. It is just like periscope and Meerkat applications but have some extra features that those existing apps.

Features of BLAB

Blab is very easy to use and it allows the people to chat one another and up to four people can chat at a time. There is also an option to make some video interviews, shows and also allows the debating in different sessions. This app also got integrated with the Twitter platform which allows the live streaming on the platform. The Blab consists of the “Save a seat” option which allows the users to get joined in a live streaming sessions. The users can allow muting the guests for their live streaming.

The “Feels” option in their application allows sharing of the feedback by the viewers. It also provides good relation between the brands and the users. This app is very useful for the e-tailers and other brands too. Brands also can able to react to the customers with the live video chatting.

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