Bloomberg to introduce new digital video content

Bloomberg to introduce new digital video content

Michael Sebastian of AdAge writes about the new digital video content planned by Bloomberg, which previewed the shows to advertisers on Monday.Sebastian writes, “Bloomberg Media execs gave advertisers a presentation that was a healthy mix of audience data and previews of its digital-video content. That included four new series, such as ‘The Morning Brief,’ a 90-second video explaining the most important news of the day, and ‘Handmade,’ which tells the stories of artisans and the crafts they make.

“Execs also highlighted a new video platform at Bloomberg called Responsive.TV. It allows viewers to watch a video at various lengths: short, medium, long and full length. Viewers can also swipe away video content they don’t want to see, which drew a comparison to a popular dating app.

“‘It’s kind of like Tinder for video,’ Josh Topolsky, chief digital content officer at Bloomberg Media, told the audience. (That line also drew some laughs; it wasn’t the toughest crowd, apparently.)

“Responsive.TV will include advertisers’ video, which will appear among editorial videos as viewers swipe through video content, Bloomberg Media executives said.”

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