Why Brands Cannot Ignore Facebook Video Anymore

Why Brands Cannot Ignore Facebook Video Anymore

Brands can no longer ignore the upcoming Facebook video player.

Over the course of the year, native Facebook videos have performed increasingly well for brands, while posts from Facebook pages featuring YouTube videos have suffered declining engagement.

The way how Facebook displays a YouTube video could be a reason. See this example of a bideo from YouTube’s Facebook page:

And here’s an example of a Facebook video, from Facebook’s Facebook page:

As of November, native Facebook videos accrued 80 percent of total interactions on the platform’s video posts, leaving just 20 percent for YouTube and other video formats, according to social media analytics startup Socialbakers.

Brands are taking note of the changes, uploading more of their own videos directly to Facebook in response. In November, for the first time ever, Facebook page owners uploaded more videos to Facebook than they shared from YouTube, according to Socialbakers.

Some may argue that Facebook’s autoplay feature – enabling videos to play automatically as users scroll through their feed – doesn’t reflect true video engagement, and that the Facebook’s autoplay skews the data when comparing Facebook video views to YouTube.

But, but based on SocialBaker’s data, the fact that content creators are bypassing YouTube to upload video content directly to Facebook is an undeniable indicator that YouTube is losing ground in the battle for video market share.

Ultimately, Facebook isn’t close to supplanting YouTube as an exclusive video platform for brands, but the era of YouTube exclusivity among marketers is coming to a close.

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