By: Chris Allen

‘Broken Wave’

Directed by Chris Allen
Graduate film from ‘Arts University College of Bournemouth.’

Officially selected and shown at:

Annecy 2010,
Ottawa Canada 2010,
Monstra Lisbon 2010,
ITFS Stuttgart 2010,
Mecal international Barcelona 2010
Animated Exeter 2010,
E-Magiciens French Animation 2009,
Stoke Your Fires 2010,
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film 2011,
TOFUZI Georgia 2010,
Film Palace Fest Bulgaria 2010,
‘Stars of Students’ in hiroshima 2010

Based on my Grandad’s memory of an incident during the war
Grandad: “Everything we have ever done or been involved in, is there in our memory somewhere, all you need is a trigger”.

Director: Chris Allen
Co-Director: Tara Baker
Animation: Chris Allen, Tara Baker, David Abiose, Tim Grant, Lizzie Sevenoaks, Benjamin Riehl, Paul Knight
Editor: Raquel O.Couceiro
Composer: Kirstie Hewlett
Sound Design: Krishnan Subramanian

–Watercolour, Stopmotion Pro, Traditional Drawn
Animation, ToonBOOM, Photoshop and After Effects–

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

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