Build a Youtube Channel for Social Marketing

Build a Youtube Channel for Social Marketing

YouTube and social media marketing go hand in hand perfectly. Not only is YouTube itself a social media platform, with the active comments sections sparking communities, but videos themselves are incredibly sharable over Facebook and Twitter.

If you do not yet have any sort of video marketing strategy, it is well past time you began. This guide will look to help you build a channel which is sharable on social media sites, vastly expanding your brand reach, while also being able to build a social following of its own on YouTube.

Building a YouTube Channel for social media marketing

Determine your style of video marketing presentation

While most YouTube channels will use a variety of tactics to connect with their viewers, they always hit on one which best suits their style. Finding your style of YouTube video marketing is an essential aspect of starting your YouTube marketing channel.

The three basics styles that you’ll see over and over again will be looked at next.

1. Entertaining YouTube marketing channels

As you can guess, entertaining YouTube marketing channels are a big hit. They can reach a wide audience, inspire some virality, and bring in people who wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in your product.

My favorite example of an entertaining YouTube marketing channel is Blendtec. Their ‘Will it Blend?’ campaign is legendary in the video marketing world, and for good reason. Watch a recent video:

It’s simple, it’s funny, it’s destroying expensive consumer goods…it’s a perfect YouTube marketing video for an entertaining channel! You don’t even notice that it’s really an advertisement for blenders, you’re too busy having a laugh.

Taking a closer look at their channel’s videos will let you see that they have videos which are in more of an informative style, which we’ll look at below. However, their bread and butter, or the spoonful of sugar that helps their message go down, is the “Will it Blend?” series.

2. Informative YouTube marketing channels

These types of videos are surprisingly popular, despite their simplicity. These videos are seen by consumers as a chance to view a product before they buy it. The best examples always have a frank approach to their products, frequently call in an expert, and have a much more intimate feel than a TV commercial.

An excellent example of this is Mr. Porter’s channel. Here’s an example:

They take the products they sell, which are clothes, and tell users about them. They keep it intimate with a host speaking to the viewers, and they give great information.

You can use this style in two main ways:

  1. To hype up your next big product launch, letting viewers know what they can expect.
  2. The long view which will bring viewers in again and again with evergreen content.

The video above is an example of the second kind. This helps them bring in people who aren’t looking for their products, but instead are looking for advice.

3. Educational YouTube marketing channels

These types of channels may seem very similar to the above type, but there’s a difference that’s subtle. An educational video marketing channel doesn’t work so hard to push their own products, instead they push knowledge.

For those who don’t know, Canadian Tire is a box store from my native land that is much like Home Depot. Their video strategy takes education to a whole new level, and speaks to their wide product range. Here’s an example of their cooking show which ties into their BBQs:

Being a store with so many products, they’re sure to appeal to a wide audience. Check out one of the Buying Guide videos:

Kind of dry, but they’re looking to educate people, not entertain. This can go a long way to getting people to purchase products. They clearly show the value of the items, and make people think about how they need them and how they can use them personally.

Video marketing styles commonality

All three of the video marketing styles above have one thing in common: They all seek to add value to the life of the viewer. Traditional video marketing took place on TV in the form of commercials. This style of SELL SELL SELL marketing doesn’t work on YouTube. Viewers largely ignore it.

Creating videos that are shareable on social media, and engaging enough to get people to subscribe to your channel and stay connected to your brand, is possible. You need to find a niche that fits your brand from above, and work to stay useful to your viewers.

How to build YouTube as a social media channel

YouTube itself is a social media channel. The comment section below each video is a chance for you to get your audience talking, and to interact with them regularly. Your ability to keep them talking will determine if you have regular viewers who come back to watch your videos, and if you actually succeed at YouTube as a social media channel.

Let’s look at one of the examples above; Blendtec. They have an active social presence on all of their Will it Blend? video thanks to three simple things:

  1. They ask for their fans to comment on what they should blend next in the description for each video.
  1. They actively get involved in the comments by making some on their own.
  1. They actually listen to their fans and blend items they suggest, while also interacting with other YouTube channels.

Each one of these tactics helps them to build their following as Youtube users like to feel as if they’re ‘part of the team.’ This camaraderie has done wonders to build YouTube channels for famous YouTube users like Epic Meal Time, Philip De Franco, and Jenna Marbles. Using the same tactics that these famous Youtube channels used on their rise to stardom will work just as well for your YouTube marketing channel.

Author’s bio: Matthew is the social media writer over on the blog. You can find him there every Friday writing about the latest YouTube marketing tactics, Twitter trends, Instagram hits, and all other things digital marketing related. For the Twitter happy, check out the always tweeting @Devumi Gorilla on the 140-character platform!

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