Building a YouTube Audience Takes Authenticity and Passion

Building a YouTube Audience Takes Authenticity and Passion

YouTube used to be known for being the home of interesting content that couldn’t be found anywhere else. You could find clips of everything from Charlie biting his brother’s finger to Obamagirl and Keyboard Cat. It was the home of the one off video. Viral fame can come and go very quickly, but building a meaningful community around a brand can add longevity to a flash in the pan video market.

In order to build a meaningful audience, have a clear idea of the type of video that you’d like to produce, stay authentic with what you make and most importantly love what you do. In the words of of actor Wil Wheaton: “When you are doing something creative and you enjoy it, it will find an audience”

YouTube: Most Powerful Thing in History of Humanity

The unique thing about YouTube that makes it great is really the ability to find and interact directly with the audience of a show immediately. At VidCon, Chris Hardwick called YouTube, “one of the most powerful things in the history of humanity”. It’s true. Where traditional media sensors things to mold entertainment for mass audience appeal YouTube creators succeed by creating something that rings true with their specific audience.

But in the chase for an YouTube audience, don’t focus so much on what other people want you to be, but rather be personally satisfied with what you are creating. The most authentic messages come from a deep passion for what you are creating. That will help to identify with audiences that share your long term vision. If you aren’t sure what your passion is, try a little bit of everything until it clicks.

In the long run, YouTube isn’t about the solo artist or one off video anymore. YouTube has become the ultimate team sport. Using your passion build an audience that finds meaning in what you do is essential to finding the team that will help you compete in today’s video market.


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